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    * Cyberbullying * WTF is that all about? I hear on the radio a million pound campaign to help cyberbulling, Get a fucking grip!, If people send you shitty messages on facebook or msn, Just block them ,Forget about it and Harden the fuck up.

    Its not even like normal bullying where someone is there poking you now is it. If your kid is retarded enough to want to self harm because someone give them crap online then don't let them on the Internet, Its nice to know my hard earned tax money is funding shit like this.
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    I don't believe in bullying.

    People need to learn to stick up for themselves. You only get 'bullied' if you're weak... :Tongue:
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    tell me about it

    fucking emos
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    Got to agree, waste of money but thats back to front Britain for you

    Normal bullying, getting beat up off groups of kids, that kind of stuff then yeah fair enough but cyberbullying is just bollocks like you say just ignore and report!

    I went to an awful school, everyone got a tough time it was like battle of the fittest and i'm sure a lot of other people did, theres even a facebook group "Your having it on the bridge after school" as at our school there were two bridges and depending on which you went over to get home thats where they would be waiting for you, I got my arse kicked, everyone had a kicking at some point!

    Its five years of your life! Get over it!
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    i've had a few kickings in my life, but i've dished out just as many back

    its part of growing up tbh...
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    tbf i support bullying in certain cases. For example fat kids. If there just generally fat from eating shit they desserve to be bullied. IMO were as if some one was born different or what ever then thats not right to bully them. if people understand what i am trying to say
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    NA sorry don't agree with that, back in the day many many years ago when we were in school it was just one on one stuff you had to deal with but people these days are cowards and go round in gangs, my brother got bullied up from about 15 to about 17 and he's 6ft 5 and pretty hard and could and has given the guys a beating sometimes 2 or 3 at a time but once there's enough of them he got a beating

    but cyberbullying get a grip
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    theyve tried to stop fatties getting bullied and obesity has spiraled in children
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    This is very true. People prey on weakness - so don't show it
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    true true...:Angry:
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    sounds like a nice way for the goverment to make a million pound disapear into their own pockets
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    cyberbullying is for pussies. they do it on the internet because they aint got the bottle to do it in person. thats whats irritating about kids at the moment, theyr social abilities are based around fucking facebook.
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    Flip it, and put yourself in the kids shoes.

    You are on facebook, and have a bunch of "friends" on there, a lot of mutual friends etc. Then, someone from that lot, starts a group, I don't know, called the "Josh Branning is a Faggot Hate Group", and invites all of the bunch of friends to join it, and they do, and ridicule the kid, and he feels like shit. Goes to school, and its talked about, joked about there, its a JOKE. But, the kid don't feel like it is, and they all stay members of it, and all post on the walls and continue to ridicule him.

    It don't take that much, of that sort of shit to a 15 year old adolescent teenager, to make them start hating themselves, then, its a nasty vicious spiral, which ends all to often in a lonely kid swinging from his belt.

    Yes, its somethign that costs money, yes, it may seem like a drain and yes, it might not have been like this when we were all at school. But then, when I was at school, the computer I had was a ZX Spectrum, and didnt connect to all the social networking sites that our kids today use. Times change, circumstances change, habits change, unfortunately, bullies have also changed/evolved into this nasty shit.
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    ah the good old days:Grin: