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    England Stuart Slough
    My Legend came with the most horrible cheapo Michelin car mats, so something had to be done.
    Searched around on eBay and came across Carmats4u, I bought the ‘Premium’ set for a very reasonable £32 inc. delivery for the 5 mat set.(980g per square metre carpet)

    I ordered at 0730hrs, and they made them and shipped them the same day, and I got them the next day.
    Epic speed of service, and really nice quality mats. You can choose your own colour of carpet, edging, and stitching- so lots of choice. You can go for embroidery too, but I just went for black, black and black!
    The shape and fit was perfect, and they came with little carpet fixers too.

    I decided to pass my positive comments onto them and asked if they’d make me a drivers mat made from their poshest 3050g per square metre ‘Platinum’ carpet.

    Not only were they happy to do it, it came at a very reasonable price and arrived quickly
    Here’s their details - ask for Morgan, she was really helpful.

    I think they book liners etc. too so might be worth a look

    Unique Car Mats UK, Unit 2 Hassall Road, Skegness, LINCS, PE25 3TB.
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    :Need Pics:
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    England Stuart Slough
    Ok ok i’ll Get on it, but it’s not gonna be thrilling
    I went for the black carpet, and black trim with black cotton thread to hold the trim on...
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    It will help others to see what these are like.
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    I bought a set for 2014 Civic tourer from Carmats4U in June 2017, about £30, and they are fine.
    They are not the rubber of Honda originals but a little plasticy.
    Very good fit and the front ones have the inserts for the carpet retaining lugs.
    So far would definitely recommend.
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    England Stuart Slough
    Sorry for the delay in posting pictures

    1&2 is the posh drivers mat I bought after the first set

    3 is the first set of 5

    4 is the luxury free air freshener
    - - - Updated - - -
    2&3 is the regular mat set

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    Ireland Billy Dor Carrigaline