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Discussion in '7th Generation (2001-2005)' started by bob_vtec, Thursday 3rd Dec, 2009.

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    iv been looking on here and can't find anything on the subject so here goes...

    my friend has a 55 facelift CTR and has bought a 6000k HID kit fits fine but when he turns them on they not bright? at night you can't tell if they on when your driving, then tryd the same kit in my friends golf and they perfect on there just how they should be. so if anyone out there has a facelift Type-R and has got a kit fitted which one have you got? thank you in advance
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    has he checked that his ground connection is ok?
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    checked all the connections, they are all ok. Is it H7 bulbs or the H1 for his car?
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  5. Blair Guest

    Yhe I've got a 05 Facelift Ep2, there the same lights, I've the 8000k Kit, and there perfect, you cans see them in the day and there sweet as.

    I got mine from Alan @ Accessory Zone, but i don't think his trading on here anymore, but theres no funny lense or anything, they should work fine :Smile:
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    i got a 8k kit from HID4U, good bit of kit