Electrical & Lights cruise control not working

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    hello folks
    my car is a honda Civic 2.2 diesel Id-tech 2013
    my cruise control has stopped working i do not get cruise control light on dash when i opperate switch
    all the speed limiter controls work fine so i am thinking problem not in switch as same switch in steering wheel works limiter and cruise control
    does anyone no which fuse the cruise control control runs from?.
    my other thoughts are switch on clutch pedle or brake pedle faulty
    does the auto stop start come into play when engine starts with clutch pressed on this same switch
    any help would be most hepfull
    thanks for any help offered dirk
  2. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    Have you checked fuses etc? (Under bonnet and in cabin)
  3. myfirsthonda Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Thank you for your surgestion, I checked all drivers side in cabin fuses all good
    I then decicided to find the switch on the clutch only to find 3 switch's fitted.
    two opperate when clutch pressed the other one when clutch is released, so i went for the third option
    first i checked ajustment found to be ok
    I then removed switch to test found one feed and two outlet connections when clutch pedal releasd position the feed is to both outlet pins so i think the switch is good
    refitted swich, then checked the wires in the plug to switch found the feed to switch live with egnition on
    I an wondering if this is a software problem.
    Honda have done a recall on cars in my cars age range But the cars are keyless and mine is not
    this recall concerns the cruise control so i think there is a good chance mines got the same problem
    Anybody knowledgable enough to throw any clues on this problem
    thanks in advance for any help offered
    thanks dirk
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    Hello mate have spoken to your honda dealer or done recall check on your car..