Optional Extras CR-V tow bar?

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by flem1ng, Monday 17th Jun, 2019.

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    can anyone recommend a tow bar or where to get one and if there's any special instructions I need to know before fitting?
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    Hi. We've got a TowTrust. Didn't fit it myself. Bit past that now but no real problems as far as I know. Only problem is with electrics. Due to smart alternator system on CR-V you will not charge a battery in a caravan if you intend to tow one. This even after having extra wiring for towing electrics fitted, so beware. You can make it charge by driving with headlights on (not auto position), this fools system and makes the alternator work.
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    When I bought my CR-V new in November 16, the supplying dealer fitted the Honda recommended tow bar which at that time was a Bosal. However I believe that they are no longer available, so I would check with a dealer (or Honda UK) to see which one they now recommend.

    On a connected matter, I managed to lose the blanking plate that fits into the tow bar housing to keep the muck out when the tow bar is not fitted. I can't find one anywhere (which is how I found out Bosal tow bars are no longer available). Whilst a piece of bubble wrap stuffed up into the housing does as good a job, I would like to have the proper blanking plate, so if anyone has one they don't want anymore or know where I can get one, please let me know.