Suspension, Steering and Brakes CR-V 2004 pre-facelift petrol Bleed nipples

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    Can anyone please confirm the bleed nipple sizes for a 2004 pre-facelift 2.0 petrol CR-V ? Having a bit of a time of it trying to bleed system after fitting a replacement master cylinder. its older car so the nipples understandably are all very rusted and seems previous owner has had a go at them few years ago as couple looking pretty rounded too.
    I have extracted driver front one which seems to be M10. I only know that as I had a spare M10 nipple (ford) in toolbox but the threaded length on mine was shorter that one removed. I plan to replace all 4 if i can get sizes confirmed and get hold of a set.
    I think front and rear may be different sizes but hard to tell. Any help greatly appreciated
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