Pre-Purchase Corrosion /air con advice

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    Hi all, viewed a 57 plate CR-V today which I'm keen on, but there are a couple of issues with the car I'd like some advice on.

    Firstly, the air con wasn't blowing cold. The dealer said it just needs regassing which he will do before I give the car a second viewing. I did put it to him that the unit can break down and it's an expensive repair, but he seemed confident that it was just because the car has been sat in storage. The unit comes on/off and makes no obvious noises or anything...

    Secondly, there are two spots on the car where there is corrosion. On the base of the windscreen wiper arms and more concerning underneath the chrome tailgate strip. Here the rubber seal is hanging down and there is water damage. Should the rear number plate lamps have covers? Have attached pictures.
    IMG_20190628_160605. IMG_20190628_160556.
    Otherwise the car is great, runs lovely, interior perfect, full service history. Any advice appreciated.
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    You are buying a 12 year old car so it won't be perfect.
    However tell the garage to fix the aircon and check it blows COLD. Aircon units (expensive) can fail in Honda CR-V so be careful.
    It should be possible to replace the wiper arms? And replace the seals/covers round the trim at the back?

    If the garage will do the work, before you buy it, then fine, otherwise walkaway, there is lots of good used CR-V,s around.

    Or negotiate a nice discount.
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