Console and Armrest Illumination

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    United Kingdom Mick Helston
    Hi all,

    My first post here, I'm a soon to be owner of a new 2019 CTR GT in Polished Metal Metallic. Got the interior illumination pack being installed and I'll be picking the car up on the 31st.

    A couple of things I hope to get answers on and the dealer isn't certain about. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can confirm or deny the following questions...

    The illumination pack in the UK for my specific model:

    What is the console illumination, is this the small red light up by the maplights that shines down onto the cup holders/gearstick area? Is there actually a red light there at all?

    Do all the lights come on when opening the door? It would seem silly if they don't given the illuminated red R logo on the door sill plates.

    Is there a red light that illuminates the wireless phone charger space?

    Are the lights dimmable via the dash/instrument dimmer control?

    Also, I really would like to get the following items installed as well, at the same time as the illumination pack is being installed to save the labour time and the car having to be taken apart again:

    The above links are US based dealer parts and I can't establish whether they will fit the UK Type-R GT or whether the necessary wiring is even there to hook them up to. I'm almost certain that the armrest lighting will not fit the Type-R anyway but would be great if it could . The console lighting is for the Type-R but is for the US market, so I assume for left hand drive models only. I wonder if there is a kit for the UK RHD, or if the LHD version would fit anyway? Has anyone bought these and successfully installed them to a UK RHD car or know where to get this?

    Thanks for any and all info!
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    Relatively useless information, but it may be worth noting that they're for an Si, not a CTR. The Americans, of course, did actually get the FK8 CTR so they'd probably have a seperate listing were it to fit.

    It's possible the dash loom is different between the UKDM CTR and USDM Si, but contacting the US dealer in question would probably get to the bottom of CTR fitment with the USDM equivalent. You then have the fun question of will LHD parts work on a RHD car.

    However, if you can get confirmation they'll fit along with part numbers, drop us an email and we'll do our best to list them for you for an outstanding price.

    Regards. :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Mick Helston
    Hi Matt, thanks for such a swift reply!

    Yes, the armrest light is listed for the Si only but the front console ones in the first link is for the CTR.

    That's the big problem I have, they won't ship to the UK and already said they can't advise me on it as they don't have access to UK specs, parts, catalogues etc. I asked them and hoped they might be able to tell me for sure and also possibly ship them to me but unfortunately they can't help. Looking at the pics of the kit, it looks as if the left and right wings/sides are different shapes but I'm wondering if the would still fit anyway or if the have to be LH/RHD specific. Then the added bonus problem of wiring looms in UKDM V's USDM. It's a tough one for sure!

    I can't really understand why they didn't offer the same kit for all DM's to be honest.
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    United Kingdom Mick Helston
    Finally got to the bottom of this, the JDM console wing strips are for RHD and fit the UKDM's. The armrest strips do not fit the Type-R at all. Now trying to find a decent place to buy the JDM kit for the console strips.