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    This item enables Accord 7th Generation owners to install a single or double DIN head unit towards the upper part of the centre console. It also comes with integrated HVAC controls, meaning you can bin your factory head unit altogether.

    If you look on the Metra website, it's only advertised for Accords that don't have factory navigation. However, mine does and it's broken so I thought "what the hell" and bought one anyway! I also bought a brand new Pioneer mechless head unit at the same time:


    Good points

    The kit comes with everything you need. First up, there's the fascia itself which appears to be well-made and not the usual poor quality plastic construction you find with so many of these kits. There are components to enable you to fit a single or double DIN head unit. If fitting the former, a plastic pocket is included so that you have storage space too.

    You also get a wiring harness that connects to your 20-pin head unit connector. The other end are bare wires that you need to crimp or solder to the wires going to the back of your head unit's ISO connector. I decided to solder mine and protect them with heat shrink material. Included in the box is a set of comprehensive instructions in both English and Spanish, complete with detailed diagrams. They even tell you, in great detail, which wires from the fascia harness connect to the corresponding ones from your car's wiring harness.

    The colours of the HVAC temperature display are also customisable, and the buttons are illuminated (as long as you connect the relevant wire to the one on the 20-pin Honda connector). The instructions describe how to do this.

    Bad points

    No good product review would have any weight unless the negative points were also discussed, and I'm afraid to say there are a few with this product. First, I must mention the "elephant in the room" so to speak: the price! I bought this kit off a seller on eBay brand new for £188.95. In fact, this fascia cost me more than my head unit!

    The second bad point about this fascia is fitment. To be fair, it could be more an issue with my head unit size than the kit itself. In a nutshell, I had to cut away some of the trim around the head unit opening to squeeze it through the gap.

    One final negative point is the HVAC controls on my kit aren't working 100% right. My kit seems to think it's in a LHD car (it's an American kit after all) and so this is an issue where I'll need to get clarification from Metra over in the USA. The good news is that the fascia firmware that drives the HVAC controls can get updated via USB, so I might find they can offer a fix for my issue.


    If you're after a well-made fascia panel that incorporates HVAC controls, and you don't want to fit your head unit underneath the factory one, this kit is for you. However, its styling isn't to everyone's tastes.



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    Hi Galgo.

    So what did you do with the built in GPS system, are you still able to use Honda's GPS via this unit?
    And what about the DVD-ROM which is for the GPS DVD. Does that become redundant now?

    I am also looking to do this, but honestly man, I am 50-50. The cheapest I found the Fascia is for £184.99.
    I am looking to buy the Kenwood DNX-4150dab Double Din Stereo - DNX-4150DAB 6.1" touch screen AV navigation unit with built in DAB
    Maybe I will look at some slightly cheaper.

    Also, whilst at it, I am thinking of getting a under seat base box, the Pioneer TS-WX710A - Pioneer TSWX710A active bass box subwoofer

    Do you have any suggestions or any update on how the fascia is working for you especially with the Heating, Ventilation and AC buttons and usage?

    Any info would be appreciated.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I am looking to change my system, although its not broken, I just don't like the fact that it only plays CD's and the AUX doesnt work.

    I have seen the same fascia for £184.99
    The head unit I am looking to purchase is the Kenwood DNX-4150DAB - DNX-4150DAB 6.1" touch screen AV navigation unit with built in DAB
    Whilst at it I am thinking to add an under seat base box, the Pioneer TS-WX710A - Pioneer TSWX710A active bass box subwoofer

    However, a question for you, is everything working fine now with the fascia controls for HVAC?
    Do you get the right temperature, fan control etc?

    Finally, what did you do with the DVD drive for the GPS DVD? I guess that is now useless and redundant?

    The head uni i am going for has the Garmin Navi, so it should be better then the Honda one. But its all a big cost.
    Its soo hard to mod this car.

    Let me know how your getting on and whether you still recommend it

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    Sorry I've not been on the site for a while, only just noticed your reply.

    Yes the original Honda head unit and DVD-ROM are redundant. In its place is the fascia and double-DIN head unit that you see above.

    The only issue I've got is the dual controls for the HVAC. For example, you adjust the temperature using the button on the driver's side and it changes the temperature on the passenger's side instead, and vice-versa lol

    When I have time I will email Metra/Connects2 about it but it's not a big deal for me as I seldom use the dual controls. Apart from that the other controls work OK, as does the backlighting when you turn the headlights on (some users on the Internet reported problems, but it was down to them not connecting the plug at the back). If you want a custom head unit, yes I'd recommend this Metra fascia. To be honest, it's the ONLY one you can buy for this car.

    In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have bought my car if I had known how much of a PITA it would be to install an aftermarket head unit.

    My Accord has the "Premium Sound System" so it's got a little 8-inch sub in the boot and a small amp inside the dash from the factory. My new Pioneer head unit works fine with it all.
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    United Kingdom Adeel Slough
    Thanks for the update man.
    I have the same issue, I have the 2007 version with premium sound.
    I am purchasing the fascia, and buying the Kenwood DNX 4150 DAB double din stereo as well as a under seat 150w active subwoofer.
    The fascia is expensive, no doubts, and had I know all this, I would not have bought this specific model.

    Anyways its exciting doing all these mods. By the way, where did you get your steering wheel stalk cables from?
    I need to find one, and it seems a tough job to find.

    Do you have a picture of your cars interior now?
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    The interior looks the same, apart from I also bought the lower pocket too (pic here: My 2004 Accord Tourer Executive)

    I didn't bother getting stalk adapter cables as I never really used them with the factory setup. Have you looked on the Connects2 website, I'd have thought they do them?

    The upgrades (or should I say the fascia) costs a fortune and isn't to everyone's tastes... BUT it means that you can install a modern head unit with the car, which is what I wanted.

    BTW - I've just emailed Metra about the weird dual-zone temperature issue. I'll report back what they say...
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    United Kingdom Adeel Slough
    Great man, i'll be interested to know what they say.
    I have managed to find the stalk adapter and will go ahead with it, as I use my steering wheel controls.

    I'll do a before and after with my car before I get the work done. :Smile:
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    OK I've had a reply:

    "Unfortunately, our kits were designed for the States, and right-hand drive cars aren’t too available here. We are looking into a fix for it as other customers have requested. But nothing is finalized or official as of yet."
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    United Kingdom Adeel Slough
    Interesting, the one I am going for is the CT23HD26 which is by Connects2 and I understand it is the UK variant for right hand drive vehicles.
    I assume yours was from metra, which is the LHD equivilant?
  9. Galgo Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    No, it's the same one. Connects2 just import the Metra kit into the UK. You can see the sticker with the Connects2 part number on the Metra box on the first post of this page...
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    United Kingdom Adeel Slough
    Hi, just on this, I had this installed and It seems to be impacting my AC.
    I have had 2 broken compressors and the first time this was installed, a few hours later I whacked on the AC and it gave a cracking/hissing sound. since then the garage has put 2 new compressors on which broke immediately after gassing up and AC getting put on.

    The 3rd time they also installed a high pressure switch but still nothing. I put the AC on to see if its okay, but I get the same noise. Not sure whats happening but its happened after the installation.

    What do you think it could be or could you give some advise as to what I should look to do?
    Was there anything you did as you haven't mentioned any AC issue.
    I also have the same problem of controlling from LH side, which I don't mind. I just want to stay away from breaking the AC compressor
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    Is yours a diesel?
  12. a_est_1984 Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Adeel Slough
    Yes its a diesel
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    That's probably why. This fascia is only for petrol models. Sounds weird I know but diesel owners have the same problem even just swapping standard head units around with ones from petrol models. Search the forum, you'll see what I mean.

    The only thing you can do is plug in the standard head unit and use an aftermarket one fitted in the storage bin underneath it. :Frown:
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    United Kingdom Adeel Slough
    Yeah, i realised way after purchasing it. Only if I had done the full research.
    I will be putting back my original, which has a busted CD Changer, only for the AC to work correctly and then buy a lower pocket fascia, which seems to be a challenge also and have the new head unit moved below.

    The previous Accords were so much easier to modify, this one seems to be designed not to be changed at all. crazy!
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    There's loads of diesel factory head units for sale on eBay, you should be able to pick one up cheaply if you want to stick with factory audio. Yeah the whole setup is pretty stupid, having integrated controls like that.