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    Hi all,

    Just got a compressor to run some tools. It has an outlet fitting which is a female 3/4" or 15mm thread. Think its called a bsp fitting. Anyway its a Clark SE18C200ND

    I need some help in getting the tools hooked up to it please. Not sure which fittings to take from the compressor to connect a quick release hose? Any help would be appreciated please.

    Thanks.. :Smile:
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    If it's the same as plumbing fittings, then there are both 1/2" and 3/4" BSP fittings. Some of those are taper, but most are parallel thread with a fibre washer for sealing.

    Screwfix sell all the above... they do a 30-day return on all items, so just buy anything you think might do the job, then take back the bits you don't use for a refund... Welcome to | Power Tools, Electrical, Plumbing Supplies & More | Screwfix Website
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    Actually, my local Screwfix staff are very helpful... if you took the connectors you have up to the counter they'll almost certainly try a whole bunch of their fittings before you buy the one you need.
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    That's great, many thanks.

    I will give them a try :Smile:
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    Same goes for Machine Mart, the staff there are usually very helpful. I say "usually" as there is one really really grump old git at the Birmingham Coventry Road Machine Mart. About as helpful as a grave robber in a crematorium.
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    Thanks guys for the advice. I tried machine mart and they gave me some help, but only limited to the parts they sell. I spent ages looking at different web sites and found "Tom Parker" supplies. Great site for pneumatics and hydraulics. Ordered some parts from them and some bits off eBay. Just waiting for my dad to come down to help me with the copper piping.

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