Suspension, Steering and Brakes CMBS Unexpectidly Activated

Discussion in '10th Generation (2016)' started by tomwillie, Thursday 23rd May, 2019.

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    England Tom Royston
    After having a part new front grill to cure the problem of false warnings from the centre front sensor I have experienced two incidences of the CMBS activating in situations where it has previously not done so in previous 23 months of ownership.

    1) On returning home after the grill was replaced when travelling at 55mph during a quiet time on a dual carriageway I moved into outside lane to overtake a mobile lane closure & when returning to nearside lane the car unexpectedly briefly slowed due to CMBS, if someone had been tailgating they might well have hit me.

    2) Driving on two lane carriageway in town at 30mph after having overtaken a cyclist towing a child cart again CMBS unexpectedly briefly slowed the car when I moved back to my side of the road.

    I checked that the CMBS activation distance had not been reset to Long by Dealer from the Normal distance & it had not. However, I have now rest it to the Near minimum distance.