Tyres & Wheels Civic Type-R wheels on CR-V ?

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by dom.pl, Thursday 14th Nov, 2019.

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    hi guys
    can i use alloys from Honda Civic Type-R 7 Twin Spoke Wheel 7 x 17" ET45 with 225/65/17 winter tyres ?
    or they will be to weak to hold weight of the car .
    reason why i want winter tyres is ;
    -feel saver in muddy wetty and snowwy condition
    -save summer tyres and alloys
    honda Civic Type-R ep3 Alloy Wheels | eBay
    please let me know ASAP
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  3. MattBeardless Manager in Training H-Tune Staff

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    From the looks of that link, yes - please just remember to use 'XL' tyres, with stiffer sidewalls as I have had to with my FN2 wheels on my CU3 Accord, which weighs about 400kg more than the FN2 CTR.