Tyres & Wheels Civic Temporary Spare Wheel Kits

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    Just for information.

    Temporary Spare Wheel Kits for the new 2017 Civic..PNG
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    After a ride out to the coast during which my low pressure tyre warning came on I decided to purchase one of these kits for my 1.0 turbo Civic. The kit came with the jack and everything needed to put the item in place. My local dealership supplied me with a copy of the official fitting instructions and it now sits securely in my boot giving me peace of mind that if I do get a puncture I can change the tyre myself without having to fiddle with the original kit. I have left the original kit in place as it could be handy to top up my tyres when required.
    The official instructions advised that the carpet which originally filled the space for the wheel should be discarded as it isn’t required when fitting a temporary spare wheel. I decided to retain this in place and fit the wheel over it.