Sold Civic Sport 2004

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    Car for Sale: Civic Sport Ep2
    Mileage: 85443 (in daily use though)
    Condition: 7.5-8/10
    Modifications: Type-R spoiler and alloys, de-badged grill, K&N air filter, some ICE
    Location: Peterborough
    Pictures: Below
    Price: £2800 ono or px/swaps

    MOT 03/2014 and Tax 10/13

    For sale is my daily drive, fancy a change so will be open to px's and swaps.

    Purchased the Civic last year and I am the 3rd owner. As soon I got it, I had the cambelt and clutch done as there was no record of a change (Has Honda service history up to 60,000 and then I have got it serviced at a local garage and last serviced at the MOT)

    Only advisory on the MOT was a chip in the windscreen but I have got this treated.

    Service book, manual, folder, HPi check and a spare key with fob included

    I have kept every single receipt for the parts I have bought and the work carried out and this includes: droplinks, calipers, brakes discs and pads, clutch, cambelt and even the wipers!

    Mechanically the car is perfect as it is my daily drive I have ensured everything is operating and in good condition.

    Bodywork being black it does have a few marks on its, light scratches and scuffs worse being a scratch/scrape on the left door thanks to a idiot in a carpark who decided to leave a mark and drive off (I have tried to get this in a picture below)

    Alloys do have some scuffs but nothing major.

    Main bad point is the drivers window doesn't go all the way down, this is shown in the pictures below how far it goes. (been told needs a new regulator)

    If the price is met I will also leave the JVC Headunit (AUX connectivity) front Alpine Type-R speakers, a Vibe A3 slick amp ( 2x 325 RMS 1300 max) and 2 12" JBL subs (300 RMS x2 1200 x2 max) with all the wiring.

    Overall a nippy and economical car that won't need anything mechanically changing for a long time.

    Any questions or viewing feel free to ring or text me on *** Mobile Number Removed ***
    As the car has nothing to hide ALL inspections and checks are welcome.


















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    Taking offers as seen a car i want
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    Can admin delete this thread for me please?
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    We don't usually delete threads, but I have removed your mobile number, as requested.
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