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Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by dogg1210, Monday 27th Oct, 2014.

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    I only have one key for my Civic and just wondering if I can just get a key cut from local shop. Someone said it will have a chip in key but boy that sold me car said that coz it has aftermarket alarm I can just get normal key cut. Anyone have any info cheers
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    depending on the year of your car the ECU has a built in immobiliser which needs the chip in the key....doesnt matter if you have an aftermarket alarm or not, you will still need the chipped key...unless you have a p28/p30 or anothe chipped ECU...
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    Ok thanks for that mate it has an h22a7 engine with h22a7 ECU so I guess I'll need to get the key with chip in it
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    yer I've got no idea how that works then...have you had the chip etc changed with the h22 ECU from a Prelude/accord? 
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    Yeah mate it has a h22 ECU the boy I bought it from says I could just get normal key cut. I'll just try it it's only bout £7 so not much if it don't work
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    yer he may have got a non-immobiliser ECU which means you won't need a chip...so crossed fingers :Smile:
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    Aye hopefully as I hate only having one key lol
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    idk if this helps but on my ek4 i run a p28 which has no immob. but even though it doesnt have one my EK will not start off a key without the chip because my car has the immob ring in the ignition barrel. good luck with this anyways:Smile:
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    Cheers mate I'll give it a shot anyway see what happens