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    If you haven't used your spare tyre in a while, it might be worth double checking you can actually get it out if needed!

    One of my front tyres was flat this morning, got a screw in a tyre that's only been on a few months! Thought it would be a 5 minute job to chuck the spare on.

    Nope! Not too sure if the spare was wet the last time I used it a few years ago, but there's a bit of rust in the spare wheel well so the screw that's used to secure it wouldn't budge.

    Had to take a slightly descructive route to remove and break the 2 plastic pieces.
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    Looking at the state of that, something tells me you have had a leak in the boot and water has pooled in your spare wheel well.

    I have a funny feeling that there might be a slight leak in mine, probably around the tail lights ( gaskets are prone to leaking on Honda's apparently) However someone has removed the bungs in the wheel well, so if it leaks, the water just goes out there. I also made a point the last time I pulled my spare out to inflate it, to use copper grease on the securing screw so it doesn't seize in place.

    Hopefully a new one will be easily found from a breakers yard for pence, or a used one on ebay for a couple of quid.
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    It may be from one of the few times I've needed the spare - I remember it absolutely pissing down when trying to change the wheel many years ago!

    Will pick up some WD40 or some decent penetrating fluid at some point and see if I can get what's left of it out!
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    WD40 is always handy to have. especially for that sort of thing. I put a smidgeon of copper grease on the threads of mine, so it won't get stuck, but copper grease is messy.
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    More punctures in wet weather because the water acts as a lubricant for whatever decides to penetrate your tyres!