car won't start help

Discussion in '5th Generation (1992-1995)' started by fastrider29, Thursday 10th Dec, 2009.

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    hey guys fitted a b16a2 to my 93 Civic 2 nights ago starts runs drove fine sometimes a good few turns to start but the engine management light was on code 4 RPM sensor now done a check on the sensor and the resistance is reading fine. so got outta my car still runnin went inside came out sounded like it was runnin pretty shitty and low idle so went to give it accelerator and it died and then wouldn't start so half an hour later i turned the key with the car in gear (clutch released so car moved on starter) and she started. drivin down the road and it cuts out for like 3 seconds and jump starts itself again anyone have any ideas cause im really stumped here. why will it start when its jumped and not by the starter itself oh and the battery is good and it turns over fast enough compression sound also


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    Make sure the MAF sensor is connected properly mate.

    Its above the throttle boddy, a plug just left of where the VIN Plate. Make sure its connected propperly. If its connected propperly try disconnecting it and starting the car. Let me know what happens. I had a similar issue on an engine swap. - the ECU was non standard and the MAF sensor had to be disconnected otherwise the car showed same issues as yours.

    Some modified ECU's don't use the MAF sensor and connecting it confuses the car.