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    Hi all

    I thought i would share this with you as it seems to be in the right forum for this :Smile:

    My house has a garage but i use that as a home gym so it has always annoyed me not having a covered place to park my motors in the dry/covered. To most people they might think that is nuts but i am sure people on this forum understand! So i recently got a car port built onto the side of my house. I've made it big enough to park two cars and also made i go all the way round the back and side of my house so i can drive in and walk into the house completely covered. With the weather we have in this country there's many an occasion myself and the family get soaked going to/from the car but no more! Not to mention the many other benefits like in the winter scraping ICE/snow will be a thing of the past! I also had an electric remote controlled slide gate fitted for extra convenience.

    It's been built a couple of weeks now and i must admit, it has surpassed my expectations and i absolutely i love it. I've already spent many an hour out here washing/cleaning the motors! :Smile: I've fitted lights out there so no longer constrained by the weather or the daylight to clean the cars!

    Some pics.


    20160702_094149. 20160702_094311. 20160702_094325. 20160702_100556. 20160702_102753. 20160702_112830.
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    I love it. Your life will be so much easier now...
    Unless of course you get the detailing OCD bug?
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    Already have it mate!
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    Wow, that's a spacious car port! Looks great!!
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    Fantastic - what a lovely space. Excellent work.
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    Looks ideal for a HK detailing meet...:Wink:

    Great stuff :Thumbup:
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