Can't get Insurance...

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    If revoked yes your original test date is valid, if you're banned its valid from new test date.
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    Honestly shop around...i couldn't get a quote under 2.7k....looked around and randomyl elephant insured me for like 23 with 4 years license and No NCB....FD2 insured properly with 2 mods for 1700 a year...croydon post code as well...

    Also via confused elephant quotes me makes a difference to go directly!
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    Lol, enlighten us as to that works then?

    What does fully Comp have to do with it? And if he does have DOC on his Civic policy, is he going to be prepared to give up ownership of the Accord?
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    try sky insurance
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    I rang them, will not insure.

    I may have too, LOL!
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    I recently insured a JDM DC2 at 20, licence 18 months and 1 years ncb. Some insurers were giving unbelievable quotes, I found the best comparison site was moneysupermarket!
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    this, i was getting 3-4 grand quotes on my ed7, being from birmingham does'nt help, but try money supermarket got a quote for 2 grand, cheapest I've had so far...
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    well i don't know about the UK but here in ROI if your fully comp (with full license) you can drive other fully comp cars no bother
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    That is not the case in the UK.

    If you have a driving other cars extension (eligibility depends on the insurer, your age and occupation and has nothing to do with whether you have comp, tpf&t or tpo on your own car), you can drive cars NOT belonging to you and with the owners permission on a tpo basis.
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    Have you tried Chris Knott, they are pretty on high performance cars. 
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    what years it?
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    you would have to transfer ownership first so its no in your name and if the ins looked into it for any reason its classed as ins fraud if your using this method to drive a car on full time basis, not worth the risk esp if you drag someone else into the shit just for trying to help out

    have u tried adrian flux i got quoted 370 for my ej9 once the b18 goes in thats actually cheaper than my d16 coupe was standard :s 
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    Fucking hell that's bad mines not that much more and that's a new driver at 17
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    is that at me or the original post lol
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    The way I cut my premiums pretty much in half was adding my mum as a named driver and me the main driver. Tbh I didnt think it would make a difference but I was so shocked and now can insure plently of things at reasonable prices.
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    They were being investigated by the ombusman for ripping people off with the multi car policy.

    Turns out it was miles cheaper to insure the cars seperatly.
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    The original post 
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    Whoaa, £3,000 is mental, that's what I was paying at 18, for my Jordan.

    Now I've turned 19 I can insure it for £1,000, all mods declared, no NCD (as I've always been a named driver), fully comp, own policy. That's with Admiral.

    I can insure an ATR for £1200 with mods (all details the same as above)

    Try Admiral, you as the main driver then add your Mum & Dad (providing they've not got points etc) as named drivers.

    The Admiral site is very easy to add and remove drivers without having to keep entering their details again, so playing with different things to see how it affects price isn't a headache.

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    Just done a gocompare thing now and with wheels and suspension I got quotes starting at £900.

    Iv got 2 years ncb at 25 :Tongue:

    With admiral at the top no less.
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