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    Spain Sid Almeria
    Car is a 2007 2.0 litre Accord Exec and I have an ESM on a CD (from the Honda dealer).
    This ESM used to run when I used to use Windows XP and it has run on Win 7 Pro 32bit (but it was very troublesome)
    It will not run on Win 7 64bit.
    I have just set up a new Win XP in a Virtual machine and the Virtual OS sees the CD but still will not start the program and I am completely out of ideas.
    In case anyone says go talk to the dealer, I live permamently in Spain and the nearest Dealer is 100 miles away.
    I know some of you use these ESM's because I recognise some of the diagrams but what program or OS are you using to run the CD Please.
    Thanks for any advice.
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    Spain Sid Almeria
    Replying to my own thread here because a little sleep has helped! and the CD is again working.
    Explanation: I rarely use Windows being a Linux man and my Windows computers are stripped down, locked down systems for specialised use but after some sleep I remembered I had a spare Dell laptop with Win 7 Pro 64 bit so tried the CD and it worked, albeit slowly and troublesome.
    The problem turned out to be a faulty CD drive. Plugged in an external USB CD drive and all was well. So now the laptop lives in the garage next to the car.
    Life was so much easier with a paper workshop manual!
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