Call of duty Modern warefare 2 titals

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    ...The Harder They Fall - kill the Top Player in a match 5 times in a row

    1bullet2kills - 1 collateral damage kill

    1st Lt. - earned by leveling up

    4 the Record -

    <3 - Kill yourself and 1 enemy by cooking a grenade without throwing it

    1st Sgt. - earned by leveling up

    2fast - 15 kills with Sleight of Hand perk enabled

    30 Something - 1st Prestige Reach LvL 35

    6fears7 - Earn killstreak rewards requiring 7,8, and 9 kills. (Confirmed)

    9 Lives - Reach 9th Prestige and reach level 5

    Absentee killer - get a game winning kill cam with a sentry gun

    Accident Prone - Fall 15 feet or more and survive (Base Jump challenge)

    Afterburner - Call in 50 (probably 100) airstrikes (precision and stealth are both airstrike counted)

    Airborne - call in 3 pav lows

    All Pro - Headshot 2 + Enemies with 1 bullet

    All Your Base - Extreme Cruelty challenge

    Angel of Death - call in 10 AC-130's (challenge)

    Armed and Dangerous - complete Bling Pro VI challenge

    Art of Stealth - complete 250 close range kills with the Ninja perk enabled(Ninja Pro V)

    Avenger - Killing The Enemy That Killed your Teammate within 3 seconds.

    BAM! - Get 10 kills with a cooked grenade (Master Chef challenge 2)

    BOOM! Headshot - 25 headshots with an LMG

    Backsmasher - kill someone from behind with the riot shield (Back smasher challenge)

    Backstabber - Knife a Enemy in the back (Backstabber Challenge)

    Bandolier - Resupply 250 times while using Scavenger (confirmed)

    Big Bada Boom - Get 5 RPG Multi-Kills (Confirmed)

    Big Brother - call in 100 UAV's

    Bite the Bullet - Get 1000 kills using Stopping Power

    Blindfire - Kill an enemy while you are still dazed by a flashbang (Blindfire challenge)

    Bling Bling - Get 450 kills with Bling perk enabled (Bling V challenge)

    Blood Brothers - Win 15 (core) Team Deathmatches (Operations challenge)

    Blood Money - Get 5 Payback kills with headshots (Color of Money I challenge)

    Blunt Trauma - 2 kills with Riot Shield

    Boilermaker - Kill 5 enemies by exploding a car

    Bombshell - kill the bomb carrier (challenge)

    Bow Down - Have the highest K/D ratio at the end of a game

    Broken Arrow - Have the highest KDR at the end of a match

    Bullseye - Get a Semtex Stick

    C4 And After - Unlock the challenge C4 Shot I (15 C4 Kills)

    Carpet Bomber - Kill 5 enemies with single airstrike

    Catch Shrapnel - get 5 claymore kills

    Charity Case - call in 50 Care Packages, Sentry Guns or Emergency Care Packages

    Chick Magnet - Call in 2 EMPs (Blackout I Challenge)

    Click Click Boom - Kill an enemy with C4 while you are in Last Stand.

    Cloak and Dagger - get 5 throwing knife kills (Carnie I challenge)

    Close Support - Complete Hardline VI challenge

    Cluster Bomb - get carpet bomb challenge.(kill 5 enemies with 1 air strike)

    Cobra Strike - Call in 10 Chopper Gunners.

    Cold Steel - Knife Veteran 1 challenge (prestige challenge)

    Commander - earned by leveling up

    Companion Crate - call in 25 Care Packages

    Completely Numb - Take enough damage to normally kill you with painkiller activated.

    Concussive Barage - Finish off a kill with a stun grenade(challenge)

    Counterintelligence - Complete Scrambler Pro VI challenge

    Crackin' Skulls - Get 25 headshots using an Assault gun (challenge)

    Cruelty - Kill an enemy, pick up his weapon, then kill him again with his own weapon

    DZ Clear - call in 25 care packages

    Deadline - Use 100 killstreaks while using the Hardline perk (Hardline Pro Challenge V)

    Destroyer - Win 5 search and destroy matches (challenge)

    Death from above - get a game winning kill cam with an AC130

    Decathlete - Run 104 miles with Marathon

    Devastator - kill every member of the enemy team (Tango Down challenge)

    Dictator - Complete the Dictator challenge (unload an entire LMG magazine into enemies without missing). (confirmed)

    Dishes are Done - Get an assisted suicide kill

    Dish the Rock - 10 Assists in a Game or Most Assists in a Game

    Disruptor - get 5 kills with Scrambler perk enabled (Scrambler Pro 1 challenge)

    Double Down - Get 25 kills using the Bling perk

    Drifter - destroy 1 car

    Drone killer - get a game winning kill cam with a predator missile

    Droppin' Crates - Get a Game winning Killcam by dropping a crate on the enemy

    Dying Breath - 100 last stand kills.

    End of the Line - End Game II challenge

    Enemy of the State - be the last man standing and get 3 kills

    Enemy with Benefits - Kill two enemies by sticking a semtex to one of them

    Epic - Kill the whole enemy team within 10 seconds

    Excalibur - 100 Knife Kills

    Explosive Ordinance - 15 search and destroy wins (challenge)

    Finishing Touch - Get the winning kill in a match with a Precision Airstrike (Must unlock and complete the challenge to obtain title.) (confirmed)

    Fired! - Complete the "You're Fired" challenge (50 kills with a Harrier after you Prestige)

    Fire and Forget - Call in 25 Sentry Guns

    FNG - start out with this

    Faceoff - 5 headshots with an assault rifle

    Finishing Touch - Get a Game winning Killcam with a precision Airstrike

    Frag Out - Most Frag Kills in a Game / Triple Kill with a Frag

    Freerunner - Complete Marathon V challenge (sprint 52 miles with Marathon perk)

    Friends with Benefits - Kill an enemy by sticking Semtex to an ally (confirmed)

    Flying Tank - Call in 10 pave lows (challenge)

    Flyswatter - shoot down a chopper

    Friends with Benefits - complete The Resourceful challenge

    Full Arsenal - 15 kills with One Man Army activated

    Full Throttle - Call in 50 Attack Helicopters, Pave Lowes, or Chopper Gunners (Helicopter Inbound: I challenge)

    Gen. - earned by leveling up

    Get Real - Win 1 Game of Team Hardcore Deathmatch

    Get to the Choppa! - Call in 3 chopper gunners (challenge)

    Ghilie in the Mist - one of the three 'One-shot, one-kill' challenges

    Ghostrider - Kill 3 enemies with a predator missile in one launch

    Givin' Static - Call in X number of Anti-UAV

    Global Thermonuclear War - call in 2 tactical nukes

    Godhand - Calling in 2 Ac-130s in one game

    Grassy Knoll - spend a certain amount of time prone

    Group Hug - Kill Multiple Enemies with a Semtex Stuck to 1 of them

    Hair Trigger - Hair trigger accolade

    Hard Target - Complete "Airborne" Challenge (Get a 2 kill streak with bullets while in midair)

    Hard to Kill - get 2 kills on Last Stand

    Hardcore Only - Win 10 HC TDM games

    Headrush - 5 head shots with an SMG

    Heartbreaker - get 15 claymore kills

    Hello "Fired!" - Get 50 kills with Harrier (Prestige challenge)

    Hello "Its Personal" - kill someone with a throwing knife after wounding them

    Hello "My Name Is" - Get 50 kills with a chopper gunner (Chopper Gunner I Prestige Challenge)

    High DEF - get a game winning killcam with a chopper gunner

    High Caliber - Finish an entire match without dying

    Highlander - Go a full length match without dying

    Hijacker - grabbing enemy teams care packages

    Hot Shot - Defuse 2 Bombs

    ID Thief - get a payback kill with Copycat enabled

    I'm So Baked - Master chef I

    Impaler - stab 5 people

    Intergalactic - Playing Sabotage

    Invisible - Silenced Weapon, Ninja and Cold Blooded

    Iron Lungs - 200 Kills Steady Aim Pro

    Jack-in-The-Box - Kill 5/10 enemies within 5 seconds of spawning via Tactical Insertion

    Joint Ops - Kill Someone Within a Smoke Filled Area

    Juggernaut - Complete "Solid Steel: III" challenge by surviving 50 explosions with blast shield.

    Jump Jet - call in 5 harrier airstrikes

    K Factor - 1001 bullet penetration kills. (confirmed)

    Klepotomaniac - Kill 3 enemies with 3 different weapons in a single life

    Last Resort - Get a Last Stand or Final Stand Kill in Game Winning Killcam

    Live Long.. - survive for 5 minutes

    Living Dead - for surviving and getting back on your feet after you've been downed to final stand

    Lone Wolf - Win a Free For All Match

    Low Profile - Win a free for all match (challenge)

    MOAB - Get a Nuke

    Mad Man - Get 5 revenge kills with frag grenades (Bang For Your Buck: I challenge)

    Mach 5 - Every bullet in an SMG clip hits an enemy (Mach 5 challenge)

    Maj. - earned by leveling up

    Martyr - get 1 kill with martyrdom

    Mastadon - Have Elite Challenges Unlocked and get a 5:1 K/D Ratio

    Mastermind - get 25 kills with the aa12 shotgun

    Money Shot - Get the game winning killcam as a payback kill (challenge)

    MVP Assassin - Kill the Star Player From the Previous game 10 Times

    M W 2 - 1st Prestige LvL 69

    My Lil' Pwny - prestige and then get 50 kill with a silnced weapon

    NBK - get 3 Longshot kills in one life

    Nerves of Steele - Either Complete the Colour of Money Challenge or Steady Aim Pro VI

    New Jack - ATM Challenge Payback with a Throwing Knife

    Ninja - complete commando challenge V

    No. - Kill Someone Cooking off a Grenade before they Throw it.

    Noob tuber - kill an enemy with a grenade launcher without detonation (Ouch challenge)

    Not in the Face! - get 5 headshots with an LMG (challenge)

    OG - get a game winning kill cam with an attack helicopter

    OMFG - Kill an enemy, pick up his weapon, then kill him again with his weapon (Cruelty challenge)

    Omnicide - Kill the entire enemy team within 10 seconds (challenge)

    Omnipotent - Have the highest K/D ratio at the end of a game 25 times

    One Inch Punch - get 750 kills using Sleight of Hand

    Overwatch - Call in 5 UAVs (Exposed I challenge)

    Owned - Get a Riot Shield melee kill in Game Winning Killcam

    Ouch - Kill an enemy with a rifle-mounted grenade launcher without it Detonation (Direct Impact)

    Perfectionist - for emptying a sniper clip without missing a shot (Hit an enemy with every round you fire from that clip).

    Philanthropist - call in 10 emergency airdrops.

    Pineapple Express - get 25 grenade kills

    Plane Whisperer - get 2 air strikes in one game

    Plastique - get 5 kills with C4

    Popoff - Get 25 headshots with an SMG (SMG Expert II challenge)

    Preemptive Strike - Complete Hardline Pro I challenge

    Pro Gambler - call in 100 total airdrop crates (Airdrop Inbound II challenge)

    Protect and Serve - Complete Sponge I with riot shield (confirmed)

    Public Enemy - Play Team Deathmatch and get the top score overall (MVP Team Deathmatch challenge)

    Pushin' Daises - fall 30 feet or more to your death (Goodbye challenge)

    Pyromaniac - destroy 2 enemy equipment

    Quick Change Artist - Get 300 Kills with One Man Army

    Quick Draw - Complete Fast Swap challenge (confirmed)

    Rainmaker - 25 kills with the predator missile

    Rain of Fire - Predator missile challenge I

    Re-zero - Complete Gillie In The Mist III (confirmed)

    Reign Down - 5 Predator Missles

    Rejected - Pick up an enemy tactical insertion

    Reloaded - Have the most reloads in the match

    Remote Viewer - 5 Bullet Penetration Kills

    Rival - kill the same enemy 5 times in a single match

    Robin Hood - Get 5 revenge kills using last stand.

    S.S.D.D. - earned by leveling up

    SBD - Stealth Bomber Veteran II challenge

    Schooled - You must reach level 65 in the 1st Prestiege

    Sarge - Reach LvL 25 1st Prestige

    Schooled - Reach LvL 65 1st Prestige

    Sgt. - earned by leveling up

    Share Package - have someone on your team pick up your emergency drop

    Shock and Awe - 10 Kills While Stunned (after 1st Prestige)

    Shot Down - Complete Crouch Shot I

    Sidekick - Get 3 Kills with Your Secondary Weapon

    SIGINT - Call in 25 Counter UAVs (Interference 2 challenge)

    Silence - Kill someone with a throwing knife while stunned or Flash

    Silent Strike - Complete Ninja Pro I challenge

    Skeet Shooter - Kill Someone That is Jumping In Mid-Air

    Sky Commander - Get 50 kills with a chopper gunner (Chopper Gunner I Prestige Challenge)

    Slow But Sure - Kill 1 enemy while being stunned by a stun grenade

    Smash Hit - 5 Kills with the Riot Shield

    So Baked - Kill 5 enemies with cooked grenades

    Solid Steel - survive (30) grenades with blast shield

    Speed Demon - run 2 miles with Light Weight enabled

    Spy Game - Get ?? kills with Ninja perk enabled (Ninja Pro V challenge)

    Squawk Box - Call in 25 attack helicopters challenge

    Starfish Prime - Call in 5 EMPs (confirmed)

    Stickman - Stick a Semtex to the enemy in a game winning Killcam

    Straight Up - Win 30 Team Deathmatch games

    Streaker - do the "fearless" challenge (kill 10 ppl without dying)

    Stun Gun - kill one enemy while being stunned by a stun grenade

    Submit to Authority - get killed by a riot shield

    Suppressor - x amount of kills with a silenced weapon

    Sureshot - Get 10 hipfire kills kills using Steady Aim

    Surgical - Empty an entire assault rifle clip without missing (challenge)

    TacDel - Kill 25 players that spawn using Tactical Insertion (Tactical Deletion challenge)

    Ta-Da! - 25 kills within 5 seconds of spawning with Tactical Insertion

    Take a Stab - 15 throwing knife kills(challenge)

    Tango Down - Call in 5 EMPs (confirmed)

    Team Player - Call in Care Packages and Allow Team To Take it

    Techno Killer - get a game winning kill cam with a stealth bomber

    The Avenger - Avenge a Fallen Teammate

    The Bomb - Kill a bomb planter 10 times

    Transformer - get a game winning kill cam with a pav low

    The Bigger They Are.. - kill the Top player 3 times in a row

    The Feared - be in the top 3 plyers in 3 games

    The Inciser - 1st Prestige, Achieve 1st Knife Veteran

    The Legend - be the last man in search and destroy

    The Mad Bomber - plant a bomb

    The Mastadon - get a flawless game(challenge)

    The Ripper - Stick a semtex kill to end the match.

    The Watchman - calling in a 100 number of UAV's

    Thermal Nuclear War - Get 3 nukes

    Time is Money - that you get after getting 5 paybacks with semtex.

    Time on Target - get 2 predators in one game

    To the Extreme - Win a Team Hardcore match with the top score (MVP Team Hardcore challenge)

    Toxic - Getting Nuked by the Opposing Team

    Trackstar - Marathon Pro

    True Liar - Get a Game Winning Kill with a Harrier

    UAV Jammer - Bring down 100 enemy killstreaks while using Cold Blooded Perk (Cold Blooded Pro V Challenge)

    UAV Rays - Call in 3 UAV's in a Single Game

    Unbelievable - Get the last kill of a match with a throwing knife (Unbelievable challenge)

    Unbreakable - Block 1000 bullets with the Riot Shield

    Voyeur - call in 25 UAVs

    Vulture - Complete the challenge Scavenger VI

    Wargasm - Get all your Kill streaks within 20 seconds
  2. burray Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Nice work! I've been looking for these. Where did you find them? Also, any idea how and why you get the emblems?
  3. DanF Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Yahoo came up with it lol. Iv been looking for ages as well. Thats not a complete list though but 3/4 of them are there I think.

    I havnt found anything on the emblembs yet.
  4. Callum. Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  5. DanF Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Iv just noticed Iv spelt Titles wrong. oops.
  6. natune Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    i found this a little while ago :Smile:
  7. Bong Guest

    Nice one i'm going to work on the on some of these this weekend, anyone know how many points per one of these you get or is it always different? Points mean prizes!
  8. natune Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    its always different.. just depends on what challenge your doing i think. you can check in the barracks what gives what xp.. all the best ones are like 10000 xp :Grin:
  9. aji621 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Adam Colchester
    awesum find lads
  10. F3RG1E Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Nice find, i got the pineapple express one recently.

    Does anyone know how to get the marijuana plant emblem ? I ask a couple of c*nts online but both said 'can't tell you that' so i said, 'its because yous don't know do you' then one replied nah 'just don't fancy telling you'.

    Really like the glowing spinning nuclear emblem, however i doubt ill ever get any more than x1 25 killstreak, and i bet you have to call in something like 10 Nukes (not all at once of course) just to get it lol.
  11. madvtecyo Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    need to get past a certain level to unlock "the denier" which is killing someone just short of 10 killstreak. i got it last night :Smile: