c*nts who make youtube vids

Discussion in 'Steam Room' started by eg6boy1986, Sunday 22nd Nov, 2009.

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    This annoys the fuck outta me.

    You go on youtube and type in summet and it brings up what you wanna see than you play it and some prick has edited it and put music on it or they've changed the footage with summet they've done. . . example being, i wanted to see the ending to back to the future you know the bit were he hits his head on the stirring wheel and the car fires up and he races down the street :Smile: so i think i found it yet some fucking nob has edited it and it aint it :fork:
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    james scotland
    I'll agree with this. Fucks me right off. You hear of something amusing happens, like Kanye invading MTV Awards, so you search youtube for a clip and all you find is some cunt giving his or her opinion of what happened. Attention seeking fucklords who just HAVE to give their opinion (as I am doing now :Grin: ) Just show me the footage! I don't wanna see your "blog" You are not Perez Hilton, He is already a massive fucking twat and the world does not need more of him. Keep it to yourself and do us all a favour.

    Also more in keeping with the OP I was reminded of a Family Guy scene of Aliens with the camp talking Alien earlier. I do a search on youtube for it, to satiate my needs and the first link I click on is some asshole who has overdubbed the scene with their own immensely unfunny take on it.

    Another classic example of this shitty fuckiness can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI
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    so it's not just me than lol
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    Nope, it's really annoying when they dub over a video with their commentary or their own mixes.

    Was such a mission trying to find the Family Guy "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" clip because of all the crap on youtube
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    Still not as bad as the 30 second adverts before you can watch some youtube vids.
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    audio swap is my pet hate! its really anoying!
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    Oh this gets right on my nerves, I hate the idiotic minds that edit such videos. Fair play if they did a good job of it, but most of the bloody time it's really just shit!
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    or that to girls one cup vid where those girls shit in that cup and so many people recorded there reactions? who gives a shit how they reacted!