Sold Burton Custom V Rocker 154 Repaired & Waxed Snowboard

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    Item for Sale: Burton Custom V Rocker 154 Repaired & Waxed Snowboard

    Price: £50 ONO

    Location: Tamworth



    Up for sale is one of my old Snowboards. A Burton Custom V Rocker (154cm).

    I bought it back in 2009 I think. As soon as I got it I filed the edges off and began to use it as my 'freestyle' board. One the first night using it, I came off a wheel and the board struck a leg denting the nose. I filled that with araldite to waterproof it. Using it on boxes and rails it's suffered a fair amount of scratches to the base and a couple of small dings in the edges but the main damage came when I noticed a crack appearing in the top sheet of the nose. After a heavy landing that crack then split open and I retired the board.

    I've just dug it out of storage and ha a look over the damage. It doesn't seem to have affected the base or edge but it has splintered some of the wood in the centre. I've made a repair by using some Araldite to glue the wound back together and to form a waterproof seal. It doesn't look pretty but it should do the job (for how long I don't know). I have given it a good flex and it's not popped open so for the average ride it should be ok (but again, I don't know a time scale of how long that will last).

    I've given the board a new coat of wax to the base an polished it up so it should slide nicely. Obviously I'm not expecting much for a damaged board but it may benefit someone just starting out in freestyle. You will need bindings suitable for buttons channel system. 154cm tall. I've tried to as honest as I can but any questions please ask.



    Or follow the eBay link for more:
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