Bulletins & Advisories Brake warning light ON / VSA light ON (DTC 73, DTC 65-21)

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    Honda issued this TSB# HUK000000001256 for all Honda Civic FD3 for model years MY 2006,2007 2008 & 2009 dated the 19-12-2008

    Brake warning light and/or VSA warning light coming ON.
    DTC 73 (brake fluid level abnormality) and/or DTC
    65-21 (brake fluid level SW stuck ON) is recorded.

    If the brake fluid reserve tank fluid amount is 70ml below the MAX line, low brake fluid may be detected due to the fluid leaning to one side inside the reserve tank during cornering.

    Application to Production Line

    Diagnostic & repair procedure

    Check DTC
    1. Check if DTC 73 and/or DTC 65-21 was recorded using the HDS.
    2. Clear the DTC using the HDS. NOTE : If the DTC cannot be cleared then diagnose the corresponding code following the shop manual.

    Brake Fluid Amount Inspection
    3. Turn the IG SW OFF.
    4. After pumping the brake pedal 20 times turn the IG SW ON.
    5. Wait 15 seconds until the brake fluid level has stabilised inside the brake fluid reserve tank. NOTE : Do not operate the brake pedal at this time.
    6. Confirm the reserve tank fluid level.

    <If higher than (A) line>
    - Fill the reserve tank with brake fluid to the MAX line.
    <If less than (A) line>
    - Inspect the brake pad thickness referring to the shop manual.
    - Confirm that there is no fluid leak.
    - If the brake pads need to be replaced, check the fluid from the reserve tank to prevent it from overflowing during brake pad replacement. After replacement of the brake pads, check the brake fluid as instructed above.
    Note : Brake pad replacement is not covered by warranty.

    Parts Information
    08203-999-31HE Brake fluid DOT 4 (Max 1 container per claim)

    Warranty Information
    Application : Normal warranty applies
    Symptom Code : 03205
    Causal part : 46660-SNC-*** -- RESERVOIR COMP
    (Select correct part number from WebEPC)
    L.O.N. Description F.R.T. 4130A1