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    My front brakes where some love as they where getting a little low. I think there was a couple of 3mm left on the pads, maybe a little more, but I figured it was time to replace them with some fresh pads.

    After doing some research it seemed to me that me that I could indeed fit bigger brakes to my car with minimal changes.

    My 2003 Accord now possesses some nice 17" Enkei wheels from a newer 8th Generation accord, which also allows me to fit the bigger brakes under the wheels. Originally it came with 15" wheels, which are currently stored in my shed.

    After cross referencing part numbers I discovered that the 300mm setup uses the same calipers as my 280mm setup. The only difference there seems to be is in the dust shields and also the caliper bracket. The result was that I purchased a set of used calipers off a member of a Honda group on facebook as they where breaking a car that had the 300mm brakes. received_2207216652649736.

    overall these cost me around £50, I then went to my local motor factors and purchased some Ferodo pads and discs of the correct type and size.


    A friend of mine had purchased a Vauxhall Astra 3rd Generation Sport to be converted into a track car and didn't so much need help stripping the badly destroyed wiring loom out of the engine bay and getting the dashboard out than he did company. So I decided that I would borrow his driveway for a couple of hours while we both do car related stuff. 20190413_145027_resized.

    It didn't take me long to have the caliper and bracket off. I had also cleaned up the replacement longer caliper bracket up with a wire wheel on a grinder, while not perfect it knocked most of the worst bits of rust off. 20190413_145043_resized.

    And so I cracked on with installing the bigger brake discs. There is one thing I had to do and that was to manipulate the dust shields a little as they where catching the disc now in a couple of spots. I bent these out of the way a little and massaged with a hammer.
    20190413_150915_resized. 20190413_151739_resized. 20190413_163144_resized. 20190413_170602_resized. 20190413_170618_resized.

    While I was there I realise I should have painted the calipers, but I didn't have any paint to do so, and with the car on axle stands and with another car behind it I didn't have much choice. So they will have to wait for another time.

    While I had the car up on the axle stands I decided that now would be a good time to do an oil change, since the car was due one anyway. A new Honda oil filter was used with a new crush washer on the sump plug.

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