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    I adjusted the drum brake handbrake shoes on my 2009 Accord Tourer.
    The adjusting hole is at the 12 o'clock position of the drum and I used a screwdriver.

    I didn't find it too easy since it was impossible for me to see into the adjusting window to revolve the castellated adjusting wheel - it was doe-able, but not easy.

    In the USA where generations of pick-ups, etc. will have had brake drums they have developed a wee tool specifically for this job.

    It is called a brake adjuster spoon. It differs from a screwdriver in that it is wider and also it is 'cranked' so that adjusting movement is easier once its engaged with the revolving wheel.

    If you go to ebay and search for 'brake adjuster spoon' you will bring up a few dozen examples, almost all of which are for sale in the USA.

    I would reckon, it takes its name originally from a common or garden tea spoon which when bent a bit more would have been a rural mechanics improvised method.

    5 minutes with a wee bit of scrap steel, (or maybe alloy) and a vice would make one. It would be easier to use than a screw-driver.

    ebay has plenty of pictures so easy to make a copy.

    Cheers, Terry
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    Yes adjusting the brake drums on the ground can be tricky on ramp it comes easy with a Led torch. You can convert an old long reach screw driver for the same task.