Reviews Boslla - Worlds First 4 Color Led Bulbs

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    I was looking for new Headlight bulbs for my EG and I found this startup project and I think that they are into something here!

    The make is called Boslla, they start a Indiegogo and 90% of the perks are already Sold Out!
    Basically the bulbs have 4 modes:
    1. 6500k
    2. 4300k
    3. 3000k
    4. Warning Flash
    The reason behind that is to be suitable to sunny, snowy, rainy, fog conditions and emergency situations! To be honest I really like the idea and I was about to buy a pair but they got sold out :Unknown:

    I've read somewhere that LED bulbs are bad to other drivers and have a inconsistent pattern, what are your opinions on this? and what are your thoughts on Boslla project? :Smile:
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    I recently seen a YouTube video on this. Looks cool but not sure how good they will be long term.
    Here is where i first seen them: