ICE & HFT bluetooth problems...

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    Hi guys,
    Anyone having problems with bluetooth? my one not able to find and pair any phones, was working fine, and just stopped working a while ago, tried few different phones but still nothing, always says "no phones has been found" thinking to take apart and clean bluetooth unit but not sure where is located, maybe someone can tell me? Honda accord 8 gen I-DTEC ex with sat nav.
    Many thanks for any info.
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    There is some info of removing and cooking Bluetooth module In oven

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    Has anyone got a 'fix' for pairing a new mobile to the HFT?
    My previous Sony worked fine in my 2008 Accord but have now upgraded to a more recent Sony but whilst the phone recognises the Honda, the Honda won't pick up the phone. I've spoken to Honda who advise that this phone hasn't been tested with the cars' Bluetooth module and that the software can't be changed. I've then spoken to Sony who advise that the phone firmware can't be updated, so I'm left with a non-functioning system. is there any way of getting the two to speak to each other?
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    I have no problems on my 2009 Accord using my Sony Xperia X which is a year old!
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    I've given up pairing phones on mine.
    It'll go through the pairing process and then randomly drop the pairing anything from three days to three weeks later.
    All three phones I've tried have been Android based (Nexus, LG & Motorola), so never tried it with Windows or IOS.

    Given Smokingman (above) has had no issues with his Android, it might be that I have a flaky BT module as well.
    In the end I just bought a visor mount BT speaker from Argos for £35.
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    Does anyone know of a repair service for the HFT unit on my accord please. I cannot believe a new one from Honda is £1200
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    Unbelieveable price??? Out of interest my HFT will not pick-up my phone's (Samsung Galaxy A3, ten moths old) phonebook, so have had to enter everything manually.
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    My Accord forgets my phone every few weeks, it's quite frustrating to set it up again since it's all voice based, even though there's a massive screen in the dash (sigh....why Honda, why!?!)

    I actually find the handsfree quite useful so endure the pain of setting it up again. But it would be nice to know why it forgets my phone every so often.

    I had the same problem with my previous phone, a Sony, and now with my LG, both Android