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    United Kingdom Blista Warwick
    Good afternoon all!

    I'm Olivier (yeah, two I's), 29, Frenchman now living in the UK (CV34 Warwick).
    I've been a Honda fan since I got my driving licence, and I've been owning Hondas since then.

    I currently still own the following:
    1985 AS53 CR-X 1.6i-16 (standard, currently non-runner)
    1988 BA4 Prelude 4WS 2.0i-16 (lightly modded with LSD addition)
    1990 BA4 Prelude 4WS 2.2i-VT (H22 swapped in 3rd Generation Prelude, heavily modded track car -> profile picture)
    1999 RD1 CR-V (E85-remapped for fuel economy in France, otherwise standard)
    2001 CH1 Acccord Type-R (standard)
    2006 AP1 S2000 (modded)
    2009 KB1 Legend (standard)

    Also got a 1984 NC13 VF400F (standard) and a 1991 JD13 125CRM (enduro-modded 2 stroke motorbike).

    I've just bought the Legend and I've been pleasantly surprised to find some information on that model on here, hence my subscription.

  2. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    Hello and welcome @Blista :welcome:

    That's a fantastic selection of Hondas. Please do add them to the Club Garage. I would love to see them.
    You may find this link helpful.
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  3. DrSam Club Moderator Club Staff

    United Kingdom Sam Birmingham
    Hello @Blista welcome to Club H-Tune and thank you for your introduction.
    Please add your cars to the Club Garage. Looking forward to see them
    Here are some useful information, please take a moment to go through them.
    "Popular Guides For New Members"
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Welcome to Club H-Tune @Blista :Hey:

    Wow that's a great collection of Hondas!

    I bet they all have their own storey to tell, so would love to see them all in the Club Garage :Smile: