Engine & Gearbox best place to get base map from

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by rodney19890161, Monday 12th May, 2014.

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    like the title says i need a base map ASAP and also a socketing kit for my p30 ECU i normaly use h-tune but the web site is down and there not getting back to my emails. any were else i can get one from
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    Im after a basemap for a H22A7, HTune replied to my first email with some jibberish that was nothing to do with my question, havent replied to my second email....

    Id also like to know if there is a reliable source out there
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    Send your ECU off to someone like Romain at eurospec? Or Rich at PA, Not sure how much they charge though.
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    I can solder the ECU just need the chip. Il try that guy thanks zeed