Sold Best motoring/ Grip video and other DVDs

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    Item for Sale:Best Motoring/Grip video DVDs

    Price: £11 posted each (High Octane overboost and HIN £9 posted for both)

    Location: Basingstoke

    Condition: Watched a few times but excellent with no scratchs and fully working

    Description: Collection of DVDs as follows: Given a rough idea of the main features but theres loads of extras and the cars are really nice. Mostly tuned Japanese but some Top gear style reviews on top end supercars. 

    Best Motoring: VTEC club special edition (S2000, NSX,Time attack Tsukuba, Spoon Fit, Euro R, DC5, EP3 etc)

    Best Motoring:Civic Type-R returns (NSX-R, DC5, EP3, S2000, 350z, Ferrari 599, Spoon EK9, J's S2000, Amuse GT-1 etc)

    Best Motoring:Fast on four (STi Type-R, NSX-R, F430, Corvette, Boxster S, S2000, RX-8, C55AMG, Z4 Roadster etc)

    Grip video Vol 2: (Drift sessions, D1, 240sx convertible, HKS reviews, Vipers, Supras, Zs etc) 

    Grip video Vol 3: (Japan freeway racing, 2JZ RX7, Tokyo auto salon, Japanese racer meets etc)

    Grip video Vol 4: (Techart 996 turbo, Topend NSX freeway racing, Drifting, Supras, Border tuned cars)

    High Octane Overboost (will throw in Hot Import Nights DVD) CR-X Turbo build and race, Japan tuner reviews, drifting)




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    Thanks mate!!

    I will do combined postage and deals if you want more/all of them guys
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    Grip: vol4

    VTEC club

    Type-R returns

    SOLD. Rest still for sale
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    £8posted each
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