Best Civic engine for UBER-Eats economy, D15B, efi,carb etc?

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    I live in New Zealand and have decided to buy a cheap car since my UBER eats delivery job is becoming a serious 2nd job for me.

    As such I have done a bunch of research and have come up again and again with an EG Civic model called the CX and VX in the USA. (early 90's era Civic with rounded rather than square shape)

    Anyway, to keep things short they use a version of the 1.5l D15 series engine. With this, they are able to get around 5L/100KM which is mighty impressive for such an old car.

    My questions are simple
    Which version(s) of this engine do we have available to us in JDM models (therefore available in NZ/UK most likely) and if so what is it called/which model car does it come in?
    If this series of engine is NOT available in JDM models which engine in the JDM Civics is the most fuel efficient in your opinion?

    Finally, Do any of you have other suggestions for a fuel efficient car (any make or model) that is 1990 or newer, costs no more than say NZ$3000/1500Pound (or slightly more if their values have already bottomed out so I will get most of my $ back when I sell in a couple of years) and isn't diesel. (diesel tax has negated most/all of the efficiency benefits we used to enjoy in New Zealand).

    This is the website where 80% of cars are sold/advertised in New Zealand if you want to make any suggestions of potential cars?

    Also please no suggestions about simply driving my current car more efficiently, I have tried that for some time already and have got the best I can out of it, and it is not enough.

    Thank you heaps in advance for your ideas.
    Please feel free to answer in thread or PM me if you prefer.

  2. Matt at H-Tune Service Team H-Tune Staff

    As a former pizza delivery guy, who used a D16B2 (EFI) powered MB4 Civic (granted, slightly heavier), I was losing money on fuel and having to go into my wages to pay it.

    My honest advice would be to buy something like a Toyota Aygo or Yaris (Vitz) - small, simple and stupidly economical. If you REALLY want a Honda, try and find a Logo or something like that, as the MPG will be better than the Civic's. It'll also benefit you to have a smaller car as parking can be a nightmare occasionally, I'm sure.
  3. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

    England Speedy Birmingham
    The 7th Generation Civics with D16 engines are pretty economical and very reliable (naturally).
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