Electrical & Lights Battery not charging?

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by Davec, Thursday 14th Mar, 2019.

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    United Kingdom Dave Chippenham
    My 2017 EX has already had one battery completely fail after 18 months (replaced under warranty thankfully), but I have been suspicious that the battery is not being charged properly.
    I bought myself a lighter-socket meter, which shows the battery voltage. It appears that when I start the car, it is only charging for a few seconds (indicated by about 14.5V on the meter), then it drops back to reading about 12V, indicating that it is not charging. The only time it seems to show the 14V reading for any length of time is when I have the lights on. I know it has a smart charging circuit to save fuel, but surely a cold start needs a bit more charging than a few seconds?
    The battery seems to be getting a bit weaker again (slightly slower to start). Has anyone any ideas about what I am seeing?
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  2. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Get a Snap-on or HDS connected up and see if there are errors logged. You're looking for ELD errors.
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    The same situation happened to me recently(not the first time), the car was refusing to use start stop, but even after long trip(400km) the battery was not fully recharged. After manual recharging from mains everything is running ok. What sort of "smart" solution is it to not recharge battery after 400km?
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    You need to investigate if alternator is giving correct output @SpeedyGee suggested HDS or snapon may find some DTC codes to help you