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Discussion in 'Tools & Equipment' started by AndyB1976, Monday 12th May, 2014.

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    Damn I fell into that trap . Can you hear back peddling ,excuses,cold feet and CBA thrown in lol

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    You've got plenty of time while you are recovering from your ops, whereas moi has to work his butt off and sleep so we'll leave it in your capable ??? Hands.
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    With regard to the Ultimate Speed 12v oil suction pump from Lidl, I have one but have only used it to drain engine oil on my lawn mower.
    Anyway, it works fine and from memory the small amount of oil, maybe 1/2 litre, was quickly extracted, maybe a minute.
    So it is quite good for small amounts of OIL and clearly it would never be used for a car engine!
    Sorry I could not say any more.
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    Your experience with it is greatly appreciated @ampers
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    That's useful to know, it will come in handy for stuff like brake fluid, PAS fluid changes etc, probably less messy to use than a syringe of some sort.
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    This is an exert from a similar pump:- Diesel/Heating Oil Flow Rate: 1.5l/Min - Motor Oil (40-60degrees) Flow Rate: 0.2l/Min so about 30 mins for a car engine!!
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