Engine & Gearbox b16a2 wiring diagrams please

Discussion in 'Honda B-Series' started by baberbaksh123, Wednesday 23rd Dec, 2009.

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    well my EG is just being plain old gay!

    no VTEC, no power, lots of fuel consumption.

    its a 1.3dx converted to a b16a2.

    all the wiring was fucked up and the VTEC controller was set to do everything.

    went to change the thermostat and somehow had a loss of VTEC and alot of power?

    basiaclly if someone can point me in the right direction for the ECU wiring diagram for a p30 that would really help ALOT.

    any help would be apreciated.
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    if you want one written down try the delsols haynes manual. It covers the b16. The Civic EG haynes manual don't. If you want one online, you'll be best of searching honda tech