Insurance AVOID ADRIAN FLUX - They deal with useless, devious companies

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    Since my car was smashed up by a drunk uninsured driver back on the 18th of August... I have had to wait, and wait and wait for it to be resolved.

    To this date, they have done bugger all... they just sit around ignoring my claim and not doing a damn thing to pay out what they owe me.

    Adrian Flux are the ones who sold me this policy so I hold them responsible along with the useless ***** at Markerstudy.

    I had to escalate it to a complaint because of their utter failure to do something so simple as pay me out on a no fault claim... and instead of pulling their finger out and resolving it... they instead respond and tell me it's going to be up to a further 8 weeks to deal with it.

    Useless... every single one of them.

    Avoid this incompetent shower... they're not worth the time of day.
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    I feel for you it would be proper in my mind for a broker to vet the businesses they promote. In reading reviews there is mention of your broker knowing there may be issues with them. I've been bit before myself. It's always a good idea to look at reviews of the underwriter if you don't have any previous knowledge of them says it all about Markerstudy and their treatment of policy holders.

    I wish you luck in getting it sorted soon.
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    Adrian Flux sold me the policy, as far as I'm concerned they're just as culpable and I've raised a complaint with them about it too. If they do business with such a useless company they deserve to be bad mouthed so everyone knows what they're like.
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    Adrian Flux/Flux Direct are just a broker, @Heckler - I've been with them for over 2 years, haven't had to claim yet (thank f***), but I suspect they will genuinely be doing what they can to sort it.
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    I know, but they're the ones who recommend a policy, and should be doing due diligence on the companies they do business with... Which makes them culpable.

    I've been with them for 14yrs... as they've always matched better quotes I found... But if they can't sort this crap out... I'm done with them.
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    I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you have been having. I'd really appreciate it if you could PM me your details so I can take a look into this matter.
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    Check your complaints inbox
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    Cheers, Dan.
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    I mean, yes and no. The fact of the matter is, the underwriter is who's paying out, as such, they'll need to investigate the full situation. Insurance companies might, at times, take some time to do this for whatever reason.

    Whilst it isn't ideal, I'm quite sure Dan at @Adrian Flux will take care of this.
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    4 days and they can't be bothered to even respond to my complaint... Adrian Flux are just as worthless as Marker Study... pathetic the lot of them.
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    Dan Norfolk
    Hi again,

    Heckler, in order for me to at least look into this for you could you message me your Full name / Postcode and I can at least speak with our claims department?

    Being hit by an uninsured driver is slightly more complicated - their own insurers may render the policy 'null and void' in which case your own insurer may not be able to recover their costs from their insurer and have to seek redress from the actual policyholder. It's evidently not as clear cut as your own insurer just making a payment to you without investigating all outcomes.

    Will you message me your full name / postcode?


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    OK... so I have some news at last... only took 38 days and the last 4 days of publicly calling them liars/fraudsters/scammers on twitter. :Smile:

    They're raising a cheque for the amount £2300 which is acceptable I guess... I'm still hopeful I can claim the excess, the broken dashcam, and a few other minor expenses through the Motor Insurance Bureau... which works out to around £420, it doesn't cover what I spent in total... £800 on wheels/tyres for example (inc the £200 I'm spending to replace the damaged one) which is why I'm taking them off the car.

    But the downside is that when I enquired about keeping the car to use for spares... they wanted £500 of me... and that's not happening. I've got most of the stuff I added removed now.. just the last few pieces which will be done this weekend and then they can take it away... but not until that cheque has arrived and cleared. :Smile:

    But having to make a complete nuisance of yourself and call a company out like that really shouldn't be needed... and whilst I know that AF aren't an insurance company... you really need to be more diligent regarding the practices and standards of the companies you recommend to people. Because this one is shocking and you should never be advising people to consider their services.

    I shall be calling shortly to transfer my insurance to the new car... it won't be a simple transfer on that same policy... it will be a new policy with a different company.
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