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    I decided to get a dash cam as I've seen countless examples of people's poor driving on the roads. I wanted to make sure that if I ever got involved in a prang, there would be video evidence to back up what happened (assuming it wasn't my fault, of course)!

    After many hours of research, I decided to buy the Auto-Vox G1W-C HD dash cam from Amazon. The instructions aren't amazing but I was able to figure out how to set it all up in the end. The unit is lightweight and has a small footprint, so you could easily conceal it on the windscreen as I have done.

    Here is a sample video it recorded the other evening:

    (apologies for the cheesy music, it was a free audio file I found on YouTube. Also, don't forget to view the video in HD; it plays in 360p by default).

    The unit needs to be connected to a power source to work; it doesn't have an internal battery. The good news is that it's the 'capacitor' model (hence the 'C' moniker on the model name) so it retains the settings you enter such as date, time and recording formats.

    I have it powered via USB, as I've got a two-port USB to 12v adapter in the car. The device powers up as soon as the ignition goes on, and turns itself off safely when the engine is switched off. The camera records video footage in three-minute increments, and will/should overwrite any old footage if your memory card hasn't got enough space.

    Only time will tell if this dash cam is well-made, but; so far, so good! Here are some Amazon links to the things I bought to make my set up possible:
    You can probably find those various bits cheaper on eBay or other sites, but I just found it easier to get them all from Amazon at the same time. I had to get the adapter because I couldn't find a charge-only mini USB cable.

    If I remember, I'll take some pics of the dash cam to show you where/how I've installed it. In essence, I've routed the USB cable out of sight in the headliner and down the A pillar, underneath the glove box and into the dash where it comes out by the 12v socket.

    In case you're wondering, the reason for the above setup was so that I could charge my phone at the same time, as I've obviously only got on 12v socket up front. And I am also free to remove the dash cam and wiring from the car, as nothing is hard-wired per se.
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    Nice quality camera, thanks for the review
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