auto to manual? Not a how to request so come and read.

Discussion in '5th Generation (1992-1995)' started by Smiley, Thursday 10th Dec, 2009.

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    been on the search for an eg9, and most i've found are dogs, high mileage or fucked and there all around 1g to 1500. But just found one for 600in pretty good cond. But its an auto. No. So is a auto conv to manual worth it. I am not worried about cost as i was gonna swap in a LSD box anyway. And i've already found a how to. Just really wondering. Should i get it or wait till a decent manual comes up. If one does of course. Cheers
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    sounds like a long drawn out pain in the rectum to me mate, youl have to change a loooooot of stuff
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    It's probably going to be better getting a minter and paying that little bit extra. look on piston heads, but be prepared to wait and have some patience. THe good eg9 go in excess of
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    I'm converting my Auto Lude to manual.

    But I'm a bit mad like that. My 200SX was auto too, which I converted.
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    i aint really after a minter, just not a complete dog, and for wat the car will cost me i could make it a manual mintes for alot less than 2g. Its at a garage on london road in sheffield if you wanna go and buy it for your bro though.

    i've followed most of your builds on csc, honda rev's/evs and now here. And yes you are mad porkster. But i loved your 200sx can't believe you got rid
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    United Kingdom Dan Oldbury
    Thing i always think of when looking at this kinda conversion, Auto engines tend to of had an easier life, as you can't hit the limiter so much in them, or really thrash them hard...

    There are enough EG's around in bits to get pedal boxes, linkages etc from, So if it were me, Id go for it, But I've still got the state of mind, and the space to take a job like that on...

    Im currently looking for a manual swap for my GL Auto...
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    its straightforward enough parts swapping, but the chassis leg needs a manual bracket welded on for the gearbox mount, and youll need to put a plate on the floor round the shifter.
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    I have the pedals and clutch master cylinder (only 500 uses on it) from an Eg6 if that helps you with your parts to convert!!
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    I may be doing an auto to manual conversion on a EG aswell, can you post the link to the "how to" please?
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    decided not to go through with this. Mainly cos the car has gone lol. As for the guide, i have a load of american honda books and its in one of them. So can't link it. But apart from what gerry said about welding, and re wiring the reverse switch. It looks pretty straight forward
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    What the book called? I may have to go out and buy it :Smile: