Engine & Gearbox Auto to Manual Gearbox Swap (d series)

Discussion in 'Honda D-Series' started by ArdCord, Saturday 21st Nov, 2009.

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    Hay guys, have any of you had any experience with doing a Auto to Manual gearbox conversion on a D series engine. How difficult is it and more to the point, what is needed in order to do the swap (apart from a manual gearbox lol !). Here is what i have thought of i may need so far......

    but any further info/help would be appreciated. :Smile:

    Manual gearbox

    shift linkage

    clutch resivoir

    manual pedal box
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    You'll need a conversion mount, the gearbox mounts are in slightly different places.

    Unless you fancy a spot of drilling and welding.
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    Really.................thats gay !!

    any idea how much they are ? and where i could get them from. I've never heard of or seen one.
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    cheers dude .