Sold Assorted pallet racking

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    Item for Sale: Assorted pallet racking

    Price: £70 collected

    Location: March, Cambs

    Condition: 6/10 flaky paint bits of rust but totally usable

    Description: A few sections of pallet racking from my unit. were being used till I reorganised the unit. Sizes as follows

    1 10.5ft leg needs to be halved for lower shelves

    4 12.8ft shelves

    2 3.5ft legs were used as a bench

    4 7.5ft shelves bench and lower storage



    Will need to be collected obviously.

    Would be great as a tyre rack or some benches in a workshop
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    Anyone. Im open to sensible offers. This racking isn't cheap to pick up second hand
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    £70 ovno collected