Arnie is "back" for Terminator 5

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by Azad_R, Sunday 16th Jun, 2013.

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    TBH no terminator movie would be the same without him,

    Its like when I was watching F&F tokyo drift, had some next dude with the worst accent ever, and though I thought the story was good, it would have been better if VIN and paul was there, but just my 2p.
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    i actually like tokyo drift...the first one and tokyo drift are probably the 2 best f&f films...because they are pretty believable!
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    awesome!! To watch terminator without Schwarzenegger it's like to watch Tom & Jerry without Tom :Grin:

    And I belevie that this movie will be SUPA, because James Cameron can make it as a movie of the year :Smile:
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    as a serial terminator fan this is sensational news! the original will always be the best tho, its the most gripping and believable 

    tokyo drift is good also
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    A yakuza mob boss letting some hill billy guy solve an argument with his grandson by a race down a mountain, is believable lol.

    Not just shoot him.

    Only joking, I agree and their both my favourite too.

    But yeah not having arnie in a terminator film is just plain wrong. Even if he's just all cgi lol.
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    Nothing will touch Terminator 2, and i don't think they'll do this right. Terminator 5 would be dope if it was a continuation/explanation of arnies character, not some old terminator bullshit
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    exactly. I want to see the war ragging and a continuation, if not conclusion to who wins the war xD
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    This will be good
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    Terminator 2...favourite film of all time. Just cannot be beaten!

    Glad to hear he's back but he's getting rather..err...tired these days.

    Let's hope they CGI him back to the days when he was a badass!