Sold Apple iPhone 6 - Orange/ Vodaphone/ EE & T-mobile

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    Item for Sale: Apple iPhone 6 In Space Grey
    Location: Manchester, near the university
    Condition: 100% new
    Description: Long story short - I bought 2 iPhone 6's (usually a samsung fan) and the second one I bought wasnt unlocked. Im on three, and I bought a Samsung G Note 4 instead.

    I'm losing out on £50 flat out but I honestly need to free up the cash this weekend as I need to shop for a wedding later in the week.

    I opened the seal and it is still inactivated. When you insert your sim in, it will activate the full 12months Apple warranty among the other technical support they offer with these.

    In the best colour - Space grey, and has the original plastic film on it. I'm keeping the headphones for my other 6 however, for £400 these can be included.

    16GB memory comes with usual box/charger/manual etc. The box itself is crisp.

    If you are considering it, honestly just text me and you are welcome to view it (did I mention im desperate to sell it)

    I am out of pocket and the previous owner got it gifted from Apple directly. He is going to pay for the unlocking which around £20 from EE. Im hoping it sells before I have to unlock it, hence the  low & considerate price.

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    Thank you.

    This item is now sold.