Sold Apple iPhone 4 - O2 - 16GB

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    Item For Sale:  Apple iPhone 4

    Price:  £150 posted O.V.N.O - (I know what I can get through the recycle websites which lowball you hence the OVNO)


    Delivery: Royal Mail Special Delivery before 1pm - Insured up to £500 and requires a signature on delivery.


    Condition: Very good.  It's not perfect, no phone is going to be, but I've done my best to keep it in as good a condition as I can.  There is one chip off the top left and one in the bottom right corner as pictured, it's tiny, and I've just noticed few very faint scratches on the screen.  Non of those affect the phones function.  The screen lights up perfectly, all the phones features work, all the buttons work, the speaker is crisp and the headphone jack has recently been cleaned out and headphones clip in properly.


    Description:  Well I'm finally selling old faithful.  I do believe I've had this phone for 3 years.  I had the chance to upgrade at the beginning of last year but couldn't afford an iPhone 5, went for a Windows phone, hated it and went back to this one.  It's never let me down.  However now I can afford a new iPhone, I've got one.  


    So yeh, 3 years of use.  No issues.  Described above condition wise but what I've also done is wrap the back of the phone in a carbon fibre effect wrap.  It will peel off as and when you want.


    If you have any questions, please ask and I'll do my best to answer.


    Phone has been wiped of all data and is ready to be set up again.


    No sim included and I believe it is locked to O2.


    In the box is:


    USB to Phone Cable

    The "manual" that comes with the phone

    Sim Door pin unlocker thing


    The headphones and plug are not included.










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    Thanks Andy! Thank was quick!