anyone owned an s14a and a dc2?

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by ngy, Friday 4th Dec, 2009.

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    reason being:

    i would like to know what the opinions of each car are from someone who has had experience with an import DC2 and an s14a

    i have been planning to get a DC2 from torque gt in the new year but the other day my friend offered me his s14a for a great great price, its stage 2 315bhp, was at JAE this year on the jdmtas stand.

    now im stuck as there are lots of pros and cons to consider, but since I've never owned either im not sure. obviously everyone is different but any information and opinions are better than none!

  2. Bong Guest

    Owned an S14A, driven a 96 spec DC2

    Woah where to begin, really how many possible ways does the DC2 rip the actual piss out of the S14A, pretty much in every way TBH, its faster, it handles better, the interior on a 96 spec DC2 isnt great but IMO its nicer than an S14A's.

    I think the only thing and I mean the literally the only thing that was better about the S14A was the brakes
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    I've had one... Lol.

    If I had the cash to run/insure/fix an S14a again I'd have one in a flash.

    I've driven a few DC2's and they're nice, all about the handling and the engine. But the S14a (Especially running 315bhp) is a totally different beast. I loved mine running about 280bhp.

    Some people will moan about reliability, fuel consumption etc, but it's a turbo'd RWD Jap coupe. Want reliability, stick to the NA FWD cars IMO.

    So basically, ask yourself what you're after? Reliability and the day to day thrashing ability of a DC2 or the more involving, more powerful and IMO more intoxicating fun of the RWD Turbo'd world.

    My 2p.
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    Blong, you can't say that a standard DC2 is slower than a 315bhp S14a. Lolz.

    Yours was totally standard, and I would agree that standard for standard I'd also take the DC2, but the S14a has a lot more modding potential and makes for a more fun car when tweaked..
  5. Bong Guest

    Standard for standard

    Modded is another ball game, in fact its another ball park, on another planet, that also happens to be shaped like a ball, alien ball games
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    Kinda irrelevant altogether considering the one he's looking at is 315bhp...
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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    Those 2 cars are in very different leagues, yes I've owned both and still currently own a DC2, but here is my verdict, it really depends on what you would like to do.


    Pros: Excellent grand tourer, with a good appetite for boost, bigger car so better safety aspects and a excellent drifter.

    Cons: Awful interior design, most unsupportive seats for enthusiastic driving, connecting rods are the weak points in the car, same with gearboxes and the Variable Valve tap on cold start can be annoying.


    Pros: Great seats, very supportive, and ergonomic interior, undeniable great looks, handling and great little sprint car point to point, also has a plentiful boot to swallow a months worth of shopping.

    Cons: The interior trims are very cheap looking, security aspects are on the weak point, on motorway speeds the engine tend to scream a little so can become annoying. Gives up the go after 3rd gear as there isn't any forced induction feeding the car and the lack of torque doesn't give it alot of momentum.
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    was this 315bhp S14a the one that blew up when the guy thought it would be a minted idea to come in shouting "i just got this mapped" then bounce it off the limiter a couple of times?
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    Super, SUPER SERIAL! :lol:

    might not be the one NGYs talking about, but some silly boy in a Nissan done it :Smile:
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    If it's got a big hingin bodykit then it's probably off TAS.

    My mate got an import one with a worked S15 engine in it and a few other fancy things in it. I expected a lot more from it to be honest, and so did he when he realised it was not much quicker than my EG in a straight line.

    If you're not used to turbo'd cars then it'll feel good with the pull that the turbo gives to the acceleration, however they are big comfortable tourers at the end of the day so you've sort of got yourself a bit of a chalk and cheese debate IMO.

    If your into hard driving then i'd say teg, if you want to take up drifting and get an experience of RWD FI jap car maintenance bills then go for the S14
  13. Bong Guest

    Ah, I didnt notice, you see I get a bit excited when an opportunity to slag off S bodies presents itself
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  15. haggis Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    they had a number of S bodies on their stand....some with roofracks n that....function over fashion anawthat, ken fit am sayin lyk eh?
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    cheers for all the info guys!

    the s14a wasnt the one that blew up, think that was a ps13... but the s14a is fraz blacks gary, not sure if you know him, its green and no bodykit, just skyline alloys, ill find a pic!

    great points there guys, its such a hard decision since I've always wanted a DC2 and then this comes up! insurance isnt a problem on either which makes it even more of a dilemma :Frown:

    the interior is a bit crappy in the nissan, the cream leather is a bit rank but im sure brides would sort that out!

    the price is also a major contributer, since the nissan will be about 4k and the DC2 about 5k.

    i will also have to travel to devon to get the DC2 where as the nissan is based in glasgow, half an hour away!



  17. Porker New Member Getting Started

    DC2 will hold its money better.. . Try it, if you don't like it sell and buy an s14a
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    Unless you want some dori dori fun I wouldn't bother with the s14, the DC2 is a good fast car out the box that handles really well and is relatively easy to drive fast, it'll be cheaper to run, more reliable, more fun to drive, I can't really think of anything about the s14 that is better than a DC2.. and especially at this time of year RWD and loads of power might not be a good thing..
  19. haz Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    S14a All the way IMO, If it works out too much to run etc sell it on

    You only live once

  20. ngy Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    exactly what my daddy said! lol

    im swaying to the DC2 more and always was, but theres that little part of me that wants a RWD turbo! mind you, im only 22 so theres plenty time for that!