Engine & Gearbox Anyone got or experienced with h2b eg's??

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by ess6boy, Monday 18th Apr, 2016.

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    Im looking into swaps for my EG and like the idea of the h2b but theres a few things i need to have and need to know, such as...

    1) My hood needs to close, i can't drive a car that has the hood raised up at the back

    2) I need decent ground clearance, enough that it can be a daily driver

    3) I want to keep powersteering

    Theres a lot of info out there thats confusing me as to if its even possible to do the above on a EG?

    I like the sound of the QSD kit as it has better ground clearance but then you run into hood clearance issues.

    Has anyone managed to get all 3 of my points above sorted out on their EG h2b??

    Pictures would also be a great help!
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  2. mintsol Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Hi, I'm currently breaking my complete h2b swap using the qsd adaptor. Pm if your Interested

    1. 2 options for hood clearance. Bonnet spacers which cost £20 2nd option is you just cut a tiny bit of the u see side of the webbing on the bonnet

    2. No issues with ground clearance as qsd kit keeps all the angles etc to factory specs so no ground clearance issues or driveshaft issues but I also have a morrosso h2b specific sump which is designed for h2b which holds more oil also has baffles no oil starvation etc

    3. Power steering is no problem by using a Toyota mr2 electric pump which is power by a live ground etc and a pipe from this to the rack and a oil cooler which I have done for £200 all in, this is a benefit as increases engine power etc
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    Loved my eg6 h2b mate.
    I used qsd kit was tight to the bulk head.
    Ground clearance was 3.5" i believe
    You need bonnet raisers when using qsd i did and to be honest werent bad at all, you'll love a h2b mate.
    I didnt have powersteering on mine but in all honesty it went bad at all.

    My h2b was a k killer if i could id buy it back in a heartbeat miss it soo much but it was like a rocket hope this helps too
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  4. ess6boy Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    the no power steering i can live with but the hood needs to close because it needs to have the original look, had a break from this project but now starting it again and will either be going b18c4 turbo or a h2b n/a. The only thing putting me off h2b is the hood
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    Mate speak to dean morf, he can get hold of plateless kits that doesnt have an issue with hood clearance. Im tempted to shift my EP3 and do a h2b again