anyone good with IT? help with wireless

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    Alright guys im sure there was a few IT People on here so i thought id give ask the question, im having a real problem with my wireless router at home and im not sure if its the fact that there are 2 computers which are nearly always on the internet and then im on my xbox two :Smile: but recently my connection on my xbox has been dropping really badly, now im a bit confused due to the 2 computers which are on the internet there signal/connection is always spot on and my xbox was wireless and now wired and still the connection keeps dropping but im really stuck on what it could be? im with aol and they sent me a new wireless router a few months back so my plan was to have a go at installing it this weekend just wanted to know if its hard to do? do you have to uninstall my setup i have now? any help would be really great so i can get xboxing properly again and kick some arse :Grin:

    Thanks Guys!
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    Hmm xbox will just be acting as another node on the network, No reason why it would drop out and the other network nodes are fine, Id say its a problem with the router. Connect to the web interface on the router, Standard address will be somthing like or ECT depending on the make and model, You should have these details from your ISP, The router will be acting as a DHCP server, Its possible its not keeping its DHCP reservation thus dropping its network connection, Look for all the attached devices and make sure it is giving your xbox an address, and that some stupid setting is not turned on, There was a tick box on mine which was disallowing access to my 360
  3. Bong Guest

    It sounds like the IP address on the router for the Xbox is dynamic when it need to static

    Log onto the router, check the device IP address's are static
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    ok thats sounds promising will check tonight and get back to you cheers guys :Smile:
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    Do you get a NAT restriction error from xbox live? Have you opened the ports on your router for xbox. If not make sure you do that.
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    As above if that fails lemme know, I'll be at work later on today and I'll help ya out and ping your exchange for a response test.
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    yep will have a go tonight and let you know how i get on cheers mate appreciate that :Grin:
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    mistake i ment friday somthing has cropped up with work so if anyone is online friday i will be in touch im if stuck

    Cheers :Smile:
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    it could either be what bong said or it could be that everyone in your area is on the same band width causing slow connection and you keep getting signed out of your internet now and then you need to change your band width