Anyone ever heard of rappers like Lowkey, Logic, MicRighteous

Discussion in 'Music Section' started by Oomz, Tuesday 11th Jun, 2013.

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    I bet I'll get a grilling for this as the majority of you are probably not into rap music at all but I'm just wondering if anyone besides me listens to any of those guys?
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    Have heard of, and listen to Logic a bit.

    Heard of Sol? Yonas?
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    Yeah Mic Righteous is epic, his fire in the booths are just crazy, but I am more of a lowkey/logic fan  :Wink:

    Have you heard his radio freestyles where people send in words to make a rap with

    I just went on youtube and realised there's another famous logic, the one I am talking about is from the UK, people's army etc

    I haven't heard of sol or yonas
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    Yeah i've got Lowkey - Uncensored album, the song is on there when they give him random words to rap with. (if that's the one you're talking about) 

    Akala is pretty beast too. It's a shame Lowkey quit rap, but i'm sure he'll be back one day. 
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    He's done quite a few radio raps, here's is 2 of them

    Yeah there's quite a few rappers, Akala, black the ripper, klashnekoff, immortal technique, faith sfx is something else..

    I doubt he will come back to be honest but I really hope he does, I still listen to his music as a breath of fresh air from the mainstream stuff 
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    Diabolic is pretty mad too, hates mainstream rappers more than pretty much anyone else..

    Spent many hours listening to this album, he has a new one coming out this year too :Tongue:
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    lowkey is fuckin awful....but mic righteous is sick :Smile:
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    In what way is Lowkey awful?  :huh:
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    that's probably the most pretentious post i've ever read on here...
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    Haha, it's because I looked at what had been posted previously in the music section, and it just gave me the feeling that no one would be into rap music so I entered cautiously

    I like him because he puts what ever content he wants in his music, this is epic
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    don't really rate any of the people you mentioned. 

    Blade brown, nines, Youngs teflon, timbar, deli bricks etc are all hard. Do you know about any birmingham rappers?
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    Mic righteous is so under-rated.

    His home town is only 15 mins from me, and English frank yoo.
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    Ahhh, in that case, I haven't heard the guy you're talking about. Lol.
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    harder than most said artists. 
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    see i follow uk hiphop and i love it....but lowkey is your typical stuck up cunt who loves to rap about politics...its the only reason hes popular...he emcees about politics, conspiracy theories everything the 'youth' loves to believe and it makes them feel like they know life and understand peoples hardships because they listen to lowkey rap about it all....basically low key is trying to do what immortal technique did in america but he does a shit job of it...
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    Well you didn't look that hard did you? Half way down the page, the second longest thread in this section is the hip hop thread.

    There's only a select few UK rappers that I like, most annoy me.