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    Hi everyone. I've finally got around to joining your club after dipping in for a look over the last few weeks after buying a 1 year old Honda CR-V.
    Both me and my wife (Lynda) are really happy with our purchase after part exchanging our aging Ford Kuga. It was a reliable family friend that never let us down in the 6 years that we owned it but it was beginning to look old and tired. We were actually looking to buy another new Ford Kuga when we went to a dealership in Morpeth, but after looking at the new model we decided that we should have a look at some other car brands too. As it happens, there was a Honda dealership next door and by the entrance there was a Titanium coloured Honda CR-V ........and as they say, it was love at first sight! We took it out for a test drive and settled on a reasonable deal and 3 days later it was ours. The ride is smooth and the 1.6 ltr diesel engine is more than fast enough for British roads. :judge: Fuel consumption is better than the Kuga too. I must admit, I'm still getting used to the gadgets and must have read the owners manual half a dozen times so I'm really happy that I found the online Honda Owners Club.
    regards, Micky