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Discussion in '4th Generation (2015)' started by Eck, Wednesday 31st Aug, 2016.

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    Amongst the many added gizmos with my new Jazz EX are the running lights, and automatic headlights.

    Why can't I have the option to switch them off completely?

    There are times when it is simply unnecessary to have lights on.
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    EU law.. simples
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    that explains absolutely everything in the universe (that removes choice and commonsense)

    Thank you.
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    CJ is correct in relation to the DRLs, however my CR-V has 3 positions on the headlamp switch, i.e. on, off and auto.

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    My Off only switches the lights Off when parking and the engine stop is pressed!
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    Oh and the off is not a fixed position it is 'sprung' so select off then it returns to position - on Auto.
    The other switch positions, are, side and main below the Auto
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    In some northern european countries, i.e. Denmark, since many years ago lights had to be always on with engine running, low beam or at least parking lights, this for safety matters, the only way to run with all ligths switched off was to remove all the lamps.
    Now in the whole europe lights work like in Denmark or in Sweden.
    The common sense should bring you to be more visible as you can, even in the daylight and in the late afternoon if you forget to switch on your lights, IMHO EU laws are OK.
  8. Eck Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Sometimes IMHO as we say TLIAA
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    Because certain countries in Europe (not just the EU part) have months of the year when there is very little daylight and in some cases above the arctic circle... months where the sun either never sets or never rises depending on the season. (it's to do with the earths axial tilt and is reversed in the southern hemisphere). Laws were introduced in those countries so that running lights were required at all times.

    Volvo and Saab have had this feature for many decades... sidelights are always on. There's actually a little known and never enforced law in the UK regarding the way cars are supposed to be parked in the direction of traffic, with drivers side running lights on. That's why some much older cars have a setting to just turn on one set of side lights on the drivers side of the car.

    But the law was never really enforced as it was mainly due to narrow streets and a lack of street lighting around the country... cars had reflectors added and more street lights installed and the law became redundant... But is still on the books I believe. Kinda like the law that requires cabbies in London to carry a bale of hay for the horses... even though horse drawn cabs haven't been a thing for a century now.

    Now car makers like to make production easier... it's more cost effective. So they had to have this feature in cars sold in those countries... for some it was optional and the driver had control with others it was DRL on with the ignition. It made much more sense to standardise the laws regarding cars across the whole of the EU and in some cases across the world. So it became a standard thing. Especially now with LED lights become the norm, the power draw is so negligible for DRL's that it makes no difference.

    So.. fun little history lesson as to why it's a thing. You may not like it but that's the way it is... I'm not a fan of they way they've forced headlights to be made from plastic instead of glass... so now we have to put up with fogging and scratches to them... which adds more expense to refurbish them every few years.
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    Italy Fede Bologna