HVAC AirCon radiator Fan

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    That is the one attached to the rad in front of the engine.
    My fan is not sitting square so vibrates when switched on (never do now until sorted) so guessing that one of the bolts/nuts holding it in place has gone for a walk.
    Looked easy enough to remove the frame & fan which I tried to do (2 bolts top/ connector/2 lugs at the bottom) but once loose not enough room to come & out via the top so guessing its a jack it up job and try from the bottom ?
    Had a quick look but that route did not look that easy either.

    Anyone had to do this ?
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    Just had another look & will see if the panel that holds the bonnet catch can be removed as that will give enough room to lift the unit straight up, just need some nicer weather to start doing this.
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    The fans and radiator are deliberately mounted so that they are not rigid, they are both suppose to have some flex in movement. Are you sure you are not mistaking this for an issue?
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    Hi Speedy.
    No its an issue as when you move the fan by hand its clearly not running square (visibly so)
    When aircon is engaged you can hear the viabration & after a few minuets it will turn off as I guess this is being picked up somehow ?
    Saw a thread about sidelight bulb / DRL's and the OP removed the black plastic cover over the rad that spans the front, under there I could see the front upper section held on with a few bolts so looks like that is the route I will try.
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    Well that was easy & all back together now.
    The plastic fan that is held on with one centre nut was warped across the flat mounting area ?, so out came the heat gun and a tap here & there etc etc now sees it running fairly true but will ask Honda about it.
    Air-con once engaged stays on for the count of ten, then off and back on etc etc, can see the clutch flying in & out with an audible clack so not sure that this is how things should be ?
    Did pop into a Halford's a few months back where they put a gauge on & said it did not need a re-gas.
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    Ah yeah, that doesn't sound right

    Nice one!

    Yeah, it will kick in and out as needed to keep the cabin at desired settings, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Ok thanks for that, strange why the fan should be deformed though ?